is the tenth series to air on Shut Up! Cartoons. The first episode came out on September 4, 2012 and ended on November 6, 2012. Politicats replaced Snowjacked. Sub:3 replaced Politicats.


The political season is heating up as President Black Cat battles it out against Mittens 2.0 and the nefarious Fancy Feast Council. Ninja Assassin Cats, Giant Golden Buddha Cats, Mars Cats, giant cat sucking vacuums, time-traveling cat boxes, and much, much more will be put on the table, as these POLITCATS scratch their way to the top in a new episode every Tuesday on Shut Up! Cartoons.


President Black Cat

President Black Cat is the current president of the United States and wants to be reelected. He represents Barack Obama.

Mittens 2.0

Mittens 2.0 is a robotic cat built to compete against President Black Cat for presidency. He represents Mitt Romney. In Approve This Message, it is revealed he might be made from scratch.

Alley Cat

Alley Cat made his appearance on the first episode. He was selling 99% off stuff.

The Cop

The cop made his appearance on the first episode. He told Alley Cat to leave and go home. The hipster cats cause trouble with the cop.

Grey Cat

Grey Cat is the antagonist of the series. He released Mittens 2.0 to run against President Black Cat in the election. We find out in episode 6, "Schrodinger's Box", that Grey Cat is Wonky's dad.

News Reporter

The News Reporter is a yak. Every time he reports the news, he has a cold.


Fuzzy is President Black Cat's helper, best friend, and assistant. Sometimes, he is a little too supportive, which gives the impression that he's attracted to President Black Cat.

Hipster Cats

The hipster cats made their appearance on the first episode. They appeared when the cop was talking to Alley Cat. The boy cat lives with Alley Cat.


Wonky was the son of Grey Cat and also one of his assistants. In episode 8, "Painted Into a Corner", he befriends a dog wizard. They travel back to Wonky's hometown and defeat Mittens 2.0.

The First Lady

The first lady is President Black Cat's wife. She made her appearance in episode 6, "Schrodinger's Box". She battled a ninja assassin cat in episode 7, "Assassination Vacation". The first lady is crazy about fitness. She represents Michelle Obama.

Bob Cat Marley

Bob Cat Marley made his appearance in episode 7, "Assassination Vacation". He showed President Black Cat what Mittens 2.0 was doing.


Before the end of Snowjacked

Despite it not being aired yet and in the beginning of Snowjacked, it is highly demanded by viewers in response to the channels teaser trailer, along with Oishi High School Battle (Before It Aired). There was a high demand for this show to replace Pubertina or Snowjacked, which have both been negatively criticized, but since Snowjacked was recieving positive reception at the time and Pubertina is temporarily gone, the people who wanted Politicats are annoyed that it wouldn't come out until Snowjacked is over.

After the trailer

After the trailer and the end of Snowjacked, people liked the series. Despite some youtubers commenting that the show was "albeit weird", they had been shown to enjoy it.


After every saying, Ian says, "SHUT UP!" followed by Malicat saying "Cartoons, meow"

  1. 99 Problems But The One Ain't One: "You need to back away, disperse, and desist."
  2. Operation Golden Cat: "Get back there or Earth is going down just like Pluto."
  3. Rolling The Dice: "You see Fuzzy it really doesn't matter what we decide."
  4. Approve This Message: "I ge haz a cheeseburger?"
  5. It's Not Up For Debate: "Don't worry about a thing cause, everything little thing-"
  6. Schrodinger's Box: "Mittens! Mittens! Mittens!"
  7. Assassination Vacation: "Hello? What's the status on Operation: Dim-box?"
  8. Painted Into a Corner: "I'm looking for money..or..or bacon."
  9. This Is The End: "I just a-started, I haven't even gotten a statue yet!"
  10. Wonky & the Wizard: "Strap in Fuzzy. Yes sir. Yes sir."

List of Episodes

# Name Writer(s) Released Length
1 99 Problems But The One Ain't One Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips September 4, 2012 4:28
2 Operation Golden Cat Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips September 11, 2012 3:32
3 Rolling The Dice Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips September 18, 2012 3:35
4 Approve This Message Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips September 25, 2012 3:46
5 It's Not Up For Debate Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips October 2, 2012 4:28
6 Schrodinger's Box Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips October 9, 2012 4:40
7 Assassination Vacation Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips October 16, 2012 4:24
8 Painted Into a Corner Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips October 23, 2012 4:42
9 This Is The End Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips October 30, 2012 4:15
10 Wonky & the Wizard Hadjii and Craig S. Phillips November 6, 2012 6:45


  • The upload date of the final episode was the day of the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections, this was perhaps done deliberately due to the obvious political nature of the series.

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