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Planets was the eleventh cartoon to air on Shut Up! Cartoons. The first episode came out on September 17, 2012 and ended on November 19, 2012. Almost half a year later, Planets announced that the cartoon was coming back for another season. The second season came out on May 27, 2013 and ended on July 29, 2013. Almost three months later, Planets announced that the cartoon was coming back for another season making the first cartoon in the channel with three seasons. The third season came out on October 28, 2013 and ends December 30, 2013.


Worlds will collide when reality TV moves from the Jersey Shore to Outer Space... find out what the celestial bodies in our solar system are really like in a new episode of PLANETS every Monday on Shut Up! Cartoons!


Sol (Sun)

Sol is a famous celebrity. We found out in Earth Gets Sick that Sol is gay. He made a joke of "spacing out" on the fact that there was a serial killer black hole in Earth is Lost  and also commented on the fact that "nobody likes Uranus."


Mercury trys to hit on every chick. He has hit on Hailey in Jupiter's Big Date and Polaris in A Visit From the Stars. He is also shown to be a jerk to the other planets. Mercury is seen laughing at Venuscz's remark of "Uranus is cheating!" in Earth Is Lost. Mentions "a pearl of wisdom from Uranus" as a joke. He also became a judge.

Venuscz (Venus)

Venuscz has a very strong Indian accent and a mustache. He plays the accordion. With his accent, the other planets (Mercury and Satyrn, for example) mistake comments like "Uranus is cheating! He's cheating all over the place!" with "Your anus is sh!tting." in Earth Is Lost. He has a short temper.

Baby Earth (Earth)

Baby Earth is the youngest of the group, being a baby. He is very well-behaved. Seen crying in the trailer. Likes ice cream. The main character in Earth Is Lost, obviously. Gets lost in Earth Is Lost. Almost got sucked into the Black Hole. Seen taunting Jupiter about not able to have earthquakes because his name isn't Earth (Mm-hmm!) in Jupiter's Big Date.


Mars is possible downer of the group. Asks "How did you forget to mention something like that?" as a response to The Sun's comment on the black hole in Earth Is Lost. Brings down Jupiter's spirit while mentioning his "pimple" (being the Big Red Spot) in Jupiter's Big Date.


Jupiter is the biggest (and fattest) planet. Also says "Cartoons!" in the Shut Up! Openings. Likes food (especially ice cream). Helps Satyrn play the drums in the planets' Occupy Movement in Earth Is Lost. Is the main character in Jupiter's Big Date. Former boyfriend of Hailey Comet, before he swallows her accidentally.

Satyrn (Saturn)

Satyrn is the only female planet in the main group of 10 (not including the unknown gender of Baby Earth). She has a hair ring and somewhat of a Western accent. Helped play the drums with Jupiter in the planets' Occupy Movement in Earth Is Lost.


Uranus is the most disliked planet by the other characters and youtubers. Uranus is seen to be smart but very strict at times. The others make fun of him alot. Shown to recieve a Ph.D in Dr. Uranus and apparently is Neptune's orbit landlord in Cool Uranus. In Cool Uranus, Uranus has another personality that comes out whenever his glasses are off. This other personality is the total opposite of Uranus, including the pronounciation of his name (Normal Uranus is pronounced "Your anus" while Cool Uranus is pronounced "Your-Uh-Nus"). In The Science Fair, his original name was George and was called Uranus when Baby Earth from the present time travelled to when the other planets were babies and said his name.


Neputne is an elder, being the oldest planet portrayed in the show. In Earth Is Lost, he told Baby Earth that Monopoly was a "grown-up's game." Has always wanted to "join love forces" with the other planets. Told Jupiter (in Jupiter's Big Date) that "you can't have earthquakes because your name isn't Earth." He likes to play his guitar and is the oldest, most gullible planet.


Pluto debuted in episode 5. He seems to be a dog, probably being a reference to the famous Disney character with the same name. He doesn't fetch frisbees and poops out a lot of asteroids outside of Neptune's orbital area.

Black Hole

Black Hole is the antagonist of the first episode, Earth is Lost , playing a role as a serial killer who owns a stolen ice cream truck. He failed to catch Baby Earth in Earth is Lost and was described by the sun as "a black hole serial killer driving around in a stolen ice cream truck" to the other planets.


Reviews have been very positive, citing the show's unique theme and Baby Earth's cuteness.


After every saying, Ian says, "SHUT UP!" followed by Jupiter saying "Cartoons".

  1. Earth Is Lost: "The best game ever? Can I play?"
  2. Jupiter's Big Date: "All this talk about ghosts is turning me on..."
  3. A Visit From the Stars: "I named my first three hernias after you."
  4. Earth Gets Sick: "I'm to hot for a lot of things."
  5. Dr. Uranus: "Haha, yea, you tiny freak."
  6. What is Life?: "I see you baby."
  7. The Talent Show (Planets): "Get ready for the thrill of your life."
  8. Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number: "I wanted to make sure I got you with the cheesy side."
  9. Crushes On Satyrn: "I would shave my back for her."
  10. Earth 2.0: "What are you some kind of cop?"
  11. Earth's Question: "Poop is...not okay to touch."
  12. The Ladies' Room: I can explain that stickiness."
  13. Moonkey Runs Away: "I do non-stop action!"
  14. Uranus Finds Love: "Getting to know Uranus, Chapter 1."
  15. Star Marriage: "It's unnatural! It's totally natural!"
  16. Earth Goes to School: "Is it about alligators?"
  17. The Heart of Dark Matter: "There's an easier way to seem dangerous."
  18. Sun Joins a Cult: "What? No! Come on it'll be fun!"
  19. Jupiter Goes to a Spa: "I bet I could stay in longer than either of you."
  20. Gas Vegas: "You're going to have to check that baby."
  21. Shine & Punishment: "We got Sol and he's been super bad."
  22. The Hair Club for Planets: "Talk about Lord of the Rings!"
  23. Cool Uranus: "And I'm sorry about all the frozen dog poops out there."
  24. Spacemare: Baby Earth: "Pleaeaeaeaea..." Sol: "Okay."
  25. Pluto Gets a Better Offer: "What are you gonna do, fight us?"
  26. Earth-Like Planets: "Hey kids, did you know this place has a ball pit?!"
  27. Venuscz Gets Deported: Jupiter: "We came, to save you!" Mercury: "Yeah!"
  28. Fear of a Black Planet: "If you like that, you're gonna love this."
  29. The Science Fair: "Here's a hint, it's not with my hands."
  30. Earth's Parents: Neptune: "Ah!" Jupiter: "(laughs) I'm on fire tonight!"

List of Episodes

# Season Name Length Released
1 1 Earth is Lost 4:14 September 17, 2012
2 1 Jupiter's Big Date 4:18 September 24, 2012
3 1 A Visit From the Stars 3:35 October 1, 2012
4 1 Earth Gets Sick 3:46 October 8, 2012
5 1 Dr. Uranus 3:13 October 15, 2012
6 1 What is Life? 3:16 October 22, 2012
7 1 The Talent Show 3:45 October 29, 2012
8 1 Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number 3:35 November 5, 2012
9 1 Crushes on Satyrn 4:06 November 12, 2012
10 1 Earth 2.0 (Planets) 4:02 November 19, 2012
11 2 Earth's Question 4:09 May 27, 2013
12 2 The Ladies' Room 4:03 June 3, 2013
13 2 Moonkey Runs Away 4:05 June 10, 2013
14 2 Uranus Finds Love 4:08 June 17, 2013
15 2 Star Marriage 3:58 June 24, 2013
16 2 Earth Goes to School 3:53 July 1, 2013
17 2 The Heart of Dark Matter 3:48 July 8, 2013
18 2 Sun Joins a Cult 4:02 July 15, 2013
19 2 Jupiter Goes to a Spa 3:41 July 22, 2013
20 2 Gas Vegas 3:46 July 29, 2013
21 3 Shine & Punishment 3:49 October 28, 2013
22 3 The Hair Club for Planets 3:42 November 4, 2013
23 3 Cool Uranus 3:47 November 11, 2013
24 3 Spacemare 3:55 November 18, 2013
25 3 Pluto Gets a Better Offer 3:48 November 25, 2013
26 3 Earth-Like Planets 3:41 December 2, 2013
27 3 Venuscz Gets Deported 3:54 December 9, 2013
28 3 Fear of a Black Planet 3:54 December 16, 2013
29 3 The Science Fair 3:40 December 23, 2013
30 3 Earth's Parents 3:59 December 30, 2013

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