Pizza Zombies!


November 20, 2009 (Smosh)

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Floyd

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Pizza Zombies! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 20, 2009. Anthony and Ian stay inside during a zombie outbreak and let a pizza delivery man inside their house, but become suspicious that he is a zombie.


Ian is clipping a five dollar pizza coupon and asks Anthony if a pepperoni pizza is okay. Anthony says that it's okay, but tells him not to get mayonnaise, only for Ian to argue, "But mayonnaise is the best part!" A news flash suddenly comes on about widespread reports about a zombie outbreak that urges people to "stay inside and take extreme precautions." Anthony and Ian lock and board up the doors and zip up their pants, and they even board up the refrigerator. Anthony says that they're going to starve to death because of it, but Ian reminds him of the pizza they were going to order by showing the coupon. Anthony takes out an old-fashioned phone to dial the number, only to find out that the phone-line is down. Ian suggests that they order online, using the Xbox LIVE. Ian orders the pizza on Twitter and Anthony complains that he'll eat a brick if the pizza doesn't come in thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes later, Ian tells Anthony to eat the brick. Anthony is about to do this, but the doorbell rings. Anthony tells the pizza delivery guy to slide the pizza through the cracks of the wood, which has the boys eating the pizza from the ground. The pizza delivery guy complains that he had to deliver during a zombie outbreak and they won't give him a tip, causing Ian to complain that the pizza's "not even in good condition. It was all smashed." The delivery guy asks them to at least let him in.

Ian and Anthony let the pizza delivery guy in the house when they suddenly see a big bloody wound on the guy's neck and think that he is a zombie. The delivery guy says that the wound was from an order mishap and got stabbed with a spoon because of it. Ian quietly tells Anthony that they should keep an eye on him, and if he is a zombie, Ian would blow the guy's head off with his light saber. The delivery guy tells them that he can clearly hear them.

Ian asks why Anthony's trying to chat on Facebook if most of the world is already dead, when the delivery guy sneezes. Anthony says that sneezing is a sign of becoming a zombie and Ian is about to attack him, but the delivery guy says that he's allergic to guinea pigs. The three are now watching Romeo and Juliet on Xbox Live, when the delivery guy starts to cry, causing Anthony to believe that it's a sign of becoming a zombie.

Ian is about to attack him but the delivery guy says that he's crying because can "relate to the protective struggle of love and social prejudice." The delivery guy is later brushing his teeth, but when Anthony threatens him with the light saber, saying that he's brushing his teeth so that they won't smell his breath when he bites him. Ian threatens the delivery guy with the light saber when he was painting his toenails. The delivery guy responds, "Come on dude, who doesn't like looking feminine every once in a while?" Ian responds, "True." Ian later asks what the delivery guy's favourite color is. He answers yellow, only to be attacked by Anthony's light saber because of it, with him saying that he's definitely a zombie.

Ian and Anthony trap the delivery guy in a cage while they play Castle Crashers. The delivery guy asks to see the news to see what's going on right now, and they both accept the "zombie's" request. The news reveals that the zombie outbreak was just a hoax, and the reporter apologizes for the hoax, before telling the viewers that "footage of idiots freaking out about the zombie apocalypse will be shown on the 6:00 news."

Anthony and Ian let the guy go, and apologize for thinking that he was a zombie, causing to laugh at how stupid Anthony and Ian were. But at the end, it reveals that the delivery guy really was a zombie! Vincent Price's laughing can be heard in the background as the video ends.

Alternate Ending

After the Pizza Delivery Guy turns around, it is revealed that he is a zombie after all. Anthony asks him why he turned around, so the Pizza Delivery Guy says that he did it for no reason whatsoever. When he faces Ian and Anthony, they appear horrified from his appearance. He asks them what they want to do at that moment, while Anthony asks Ian if the guy is a zombie. Ian says that he doesn't think so, and asks Anthony if the delivery guy always looked that ugly. Anthony says yes, which makes the Delivery Guy disappointed. Anthony asks Ian if he wants some pizza, with Ian saying yes, but asks if they should invite the Pizza Guy. The Pizza Guy nods his head, but Anthony fears that he might be a zombie. The Pizza Guy replies in a loud voice: "I CAN HEAR YOU GUYS!!!"


Pizza Zombies!/Script


  • This episode reveals what Ian's favorite pizza toppings are.
  • Charlie makes a brief appearance in the episode. He had one line of dialogue, "Ah, sod off!"
  • The Pizza guy's name is Floyd.
  • The game Ian and Anthony were playing "Castle Crashers" by The Behemoth, Tom Fulp, and Dan Paladin.
  • The ending of the episode is a parody of the ending of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video. The song Thriller also plays at the end of the video.
  • The way Ian boarded up the refrigerator doesn't seem to make sense as it is not possible to hammer nails into a refrigerator.
  • It would seem impossible for Floyd to get into Anthony's house without removing the boards off the doorway.
  • When Ian and Anthony were Messin' with Floyd at the end, they were throwing around the Pink Flamingo. This can be a reference to That Damn Neighbor series because Floyd was The Damn Neighbor who wanted the Flamingo.
  • The old fashioned telephone will be seen again in Our Generation is F*cked: The Movie.

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