PissedOffDad1969 is one of Smosh's six channels on YouTube. It only has one video and might not be used again.


The sides are grey instead of a backdrop, the channel icon is Otto from SELLING OUT!?, and the only video on the channel is "My Dumb Son's Birthday" which shows Pissed off dad's dumb son (Billy Hamburger) on his birthday.

The channel's feed section reads many comments such as:

  • Bulletin: "I hate my son"
  • Comment Left on Mortal Kombat Theme: "losers like this is what is tearing america apart. these hippies need to get a job and start contributing to society. they are pretty cute tho"
  • Video Uploaded: "My Dumb Son's Birthday"
  • Comment Left on Smosh Pit Weekly Episode: "Mari, you're so funny. If you're free, I'd like to take you out to dinner. Do you enjoy Ethiopian food? I hear their meat paste is TO DIE FOR."


  • The last line of the comment Dad left on Mortal Kombat Theme: "they are pretty cute tho" means that Pissed Off Dad is a homosexual (saying that Ian and Anthony are cute)
  • Ethiopian Meat Paste doesn't exist.
  • The Smosh Pit Weekly episode that Pissed Off Dad commented on was "ASHTON KUTCHER IS AN ASIAN GIRL!?!"

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