Piracy Bad
Zombies vs. Ninjas 6


June 8, 2012

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Zombies vs. Ninjas



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Spencer, Tanzy, Chris and Bartleby, Andre, Rogi, Colonel Flunkerton

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Piracy Bad is the sixth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Zombies vs. Ninjas. It was uploaded on June 8, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Spence's get rich scheme of pirating music backfires when he is caught.


Spencer, Andre and Rogi were listening to a singer called Kartnee on the living room computer. Tanzy comes over and asks them what they are doing, Andre and Rogi tell Tanzy, Chris and Bartleby that Spencer had had a brain storm. Spencer explains to Tanzy that he had had an idea that would make them rich. He explains said that if they get Kartneee's song off the internet, change it and replace it with their own, they'll be rich. However, Tanzy warns that this is piracy.

Andre and Rogi suddenly began saying things that pirates would say after hearing about piracy. Bartleby cautions Spencer that internet piracy was no laughing matter, Tanzy also warned Spencer that there will be severe penalties if they get caught. Spencer disagrees by saying "that ninjas spelled backwards is sneaky." But But as Spencer clicked yes to accept illegal downloading, they get caught by Colnel Flunkerton. Spencer complains to Colnel Flunkerton that Kartnee's song had been number one for a long time and one illegal download wouldn't make a difference at all.

The ninjas get into their attack positions, but stop when Kartnee herself appears.Andre takes a photograph of him and Kartnee together as Kartnee scolds them for illegally downloading her song.Tanzy tells Kartnee not to worry and they would erase the file and promise never to do it again. But Kartnee tells them that they also stole her property and threatens to kill them. Kartnee told the ninjas that she didn't have to kill them herself because she had her own ninja which was DJ Funky Dragon. Kartneee thinks one ninja could take out the five of them because DJ Funky Dragon is Asian.Spencer, Andre and Rogi then began laughing about an Asian ninja until DJ Funky Dragon tied the ninjas up with a white rope.

The ninjas were now at Kartneee's studio hanging over a pit full of hungry zombies as people began cheering to Kartneee that they loved her. As Kartnee began her song,Spencer asked if any one could come up with a suggestion they had a good time to share it. Chris and Bartleby look at Kartnee to notice that her mouth isn't moving. Bartleby coughs up a shuriken and throws it at the camera that was overlooking the studio set. The camera then zoomed it's lens closer to Kartneee's head. The audience grows angry when they see that her mouth isn't moving and she isn't lip synching at all.

Kartneee tries telling them that she really could sing but Spencer told her to try singing her own song. Kartnee began singing her own song, but it was so awful that the zombies began crunching at the platform that Kartnee was on,making it so steep on the platform that Kartnee was now hanging over the zombies.

DJ Funky Dragon realised that Kartnee was in danger and used his shuriken to free the ninjas. Spencer then jumped into the air and rescued Kartnee from the zombies and got her back to DJ Funky Dragons arm's and led them to the exit, but Kartnee locked the ninjas in the studio set. Spencer jumped and grabbed hold of the studio set's roof whilst Tanzy, Andre, Rogi and Cris and Bartleby got the platform upright. Meanwhile, Kartneee and DJ Funky Dragon got into their truck to get out of the studio, but DJ Funky Dragon drove the truck inside the studio set and crashed. The zombies dragged Kartnee and DJ Funky Dragon and devouered them.

Tannzy asked Spencer, Andre and Rogi if they had learned their lesson.Spencer said that they had definently learned their lesson then Spencer, Andre and Rogi began saying things that they would say on a PSA and as Spencer was talking,the studio set turned into their own living room. Spencer complains that the judge forced them to do 6000 anti-piracy PSAs. When Spencer asked Rogi how many times they had done it, Spencer groans when Rogi says that the only did one.


  • The Zombie Pit set was made by the puppet designer, Kristen Meyers, it was said on Facebook that she lost a lot of blood due to all the poky wires.
  • DJ Funky Dragon could be an additional Ninja, but he doesn't belong to them.


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