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Pineapple B0nerkill is the twenty-first installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 15th February 2013 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play Fruit Ninja Kinect.


The 2 people with the lowest scores would have to eat a banana together à la Lady in the Tramp.

Turn orderEdit

Note: Bold scores indicate a personal best score, Bold/Italic scores indicate an overall best score (this also includes initial scores, pomegranate hits and bonus points).

  • Anthony
    • Game 1: 201 (110+31 pomegranate hits+60 bonus points)
    • Game 2: 240 (175+35 pomegranate hits+30 bonus points)
    • Game 3: 305 (189+41 pomegranate hits+75 bonus points)
  • Lasercorn
    • Game 1: 258 (195+38 pomegranate hits+25 bonus points)
    • Game 2: 262 (170+12 pomegranate hits+80 bonus points)
    • Game 3: 221 (170+36 pomegranate hits+15 bonus points)
  • Mari
    • Game 1: 332 (286+21 pomegranate hits+25 bonus points)
    • Game 2: 201 (73+43 pomegranate hits+85 bonus points)
    • Game 3: 291 (240+26 pomegranate hits+25 bonus points)
  • Joven
    • Game 1: 178 (95+43 pomegranate hits+40 bonus points)
    • Game 2: 277 (155+57 pomegranate hits+65 bonus points)
    • Game 3: 233 (173+60 bonus points)
  • Ian
    • Game 1: 287 (180+47 pomegranate hits+60 bonus points)
    • Game 2: 191 (98+33 pomegranate hits+60 bonus points)
    • Game 3: 245 (126+44 pomegranate hits+75 bonus points)
  • Sohinki
    • 416 (333+43 pomegranate hits+40 bonus points)


  • 1st place: Sohinki (416)
  • 2nd place: Mari (332)
  • 3rd place: Anthony (305)
  • 4th place: Ian (287)
  • 5th place: Jovenshire (277)
  • Last place: Lasercorn (262)


  • This is the first Game Bang where the turn order moved Anti-clockwise instead of the usual Clockwise.
  • There was a replay of part of the punishment from Hedgehog Kombat (Anthony and Mari "Lady & the Tramp-ing" a chilli dog).
  • Anthony initially predicted that it would be Jovenshire and Lasercorn doing the punishment and was soon correct.
    • Although he then ended up changing his mind by thinking it would be either Ian and Lasercorn or Jovenshire and Ian

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