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June 27, 2012

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Pubertina, Debs, Andrew

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Deb's Obsession Part 2

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Persistence is the ninth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina. It was uploaded on June 27, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Pubertina finally musters up the courage to ask out her crush, Andrew, only to find out something shocking about him.


Pubertina is watching Andrew eat his lunch from a nearby bush. She sees him eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and make a disgusted face at a nectarine. Debs tells her, "Pubes, you're breaking my heart here. You've asked Andrew out at least 500 times now." Pubertina doesn't understand how this applies to anything, and Debs tells her that Andrew hasn't said yes once. Debs asks what her next method of asking him out is going to be, and Pubertina says that she hasn't written him a love letter yet. When Debs gives her a skeptical look, Pubertina says, "I'll pile it with heart stickers, it'll work." Later, Andrew is at his cubby, when he finds the love letter from Pubertina. It reads:

Roses are red (usually),

Violets are always blue,

I want to have your babies.

Suppose you want to have mine too?

Andrew turns the paper over and writes his response, with Pubertina and Debs watching him from a distance. When Andrew walks away, Pubertina immediatley runs over to his cubby and reads what Andrew wrote:

"Dear Pubertina,

I'm sorry, but I just want to be friends."

Pubertina's face starts to distort, and then she grabs her heart and collapses. After flailing her arms for a moment, her heart bursts out of her chest, leaving Pubertina limp and lifeless. She limps away, saying, "Third time's a charm." Debs reminds her of her heart, but Pubertina turns around, with a droopy face, and says, "Look Debs, I wrote in my diary 'Pubertina + Andrew = Love forever and ever.' And if I wrote it in my diary, then it's gotta be true." Andrew then calls Pubertina's name, but she starts singing a song instead of answering him, repeating the same words over and over while dancing in front of a changing background, "I love you Andrew, I do, I love you Andrew, and poo. The last is just a fact don't ask me to explain it, relax."

When Andrew says Pubertina's name loud enough, she looks at him, and he begins to explain that the reason he hasn't said yes to her many attempts to ask him out is because he's gay. Pubertina says, "That's great Andrew! I'm happy too! We can be gay together!" When Andrew says that he likes boys, Pubertina says she likes boys as well, but realizes that they can't be together. Some boys start to laugh at him, so Andrew points out that another boy named Tommy is gay as well, and Tommy says, "Thanks alot, man, I wasn't gonna come out till I was 18!" Andrew starts crying and walks away, and Pubertina and Debs are left sitting in the grass, watching a group of boys play video games. Debs says, "Men are a complicated species, Pubes. Maybe you should try having a crush on a girl. Like me." Pubertina replies, "No, I couldn't. I'd miss those backwards hats."


  • This episode that suggests that Debs may or may not be a lesbian, because she told Pubertina should have a crush on a girl, like her.
  • Andrew and Tommy have secretly been dating.


Shut Up! Opening

I'll pile it with heart stickers, it'll work. SHUT UP! Cartoons

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