Notable Members

Dan Padilla (Anthony's father)

He is Anthony's other father that in a few Smosh episodes.

Leezah Padilla (Anthony's mother)

She loves Anthony and doesn't want to stop giving him kisses.

Mathew Worrel (Anthony's half brother)

He is Anthony's half-brother.

Ceanne Miller (Anthony's cousin)

He is one of Anthony's cousins from the mother's side of the family. As of 2016, he is 11 and lives in Scotland.

Hayden McDougall (Anthony's cousin)

He is another cousin of Anthony, but it is unknown from which side of the family. He has not been noticed for a long time.

Sadie Scott (Anthony's cousin)

She is another cousin of Anthony, but the side of the family she is in remains unknown. She told the story about how she thinks the Twilight Saga would be from her imagination.

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