March 14, 2014 (Smosh)
March 16, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ash Ketchum, Old man, Metrosexual Hipster, Belieber4Evr (Chespin), Charizard, pianist.

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POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 5! is a Smosh video released March 14, 2014. It is the fifth and most recent episode in the Pokemon in Real Life Series.


Ash's on a mission to teach CUT to one of his Pokémon, but first he has to beat Metrosexual Hipster and his Chespin!



In the Kalos region, Ash gets excited about catching the new Pokémon in the region. All of a sudden, he sees a mysterious item that was behind a bush and wondered what was inside. However, the Old Man stops Ash and says that he needs the Cut technique to teach it to a Pokémon to have it cut down the bush and then get the item. Ash decided to push the bush to the side, but the Old Man stops him and says that he can't do it. Ash wants to know why, but the Old Man doesn't give a reason. Ash walks away while aggressively accepting the Old Man's wisdom. The Old Man also walks away from Ash while saying that he doesn't know anything about cutting bushes.

Somewhere else in the region, Ash sees the Metrosexual Hipster walking in a line segment. The Hipster heard that Ash needed the HM move, and he was even glad to give to him as soon as Ash battles him. Ash asks why the Hipster is walking the way he is which he responded that it helps his chance of battling people. Ash decides to battle him to get the HM. The Hipster agrees and tells Ash to go in front of him. Ash tries to do this, but the Hipster won't stop moving away from him. The Hipster even turned around after walking at the endpoints. An elderly man sees what they were doing and even called them "bath salts". Ash finally got in front of the Metrosexual Hipster. The Hipster talks about his scarf keeping him warm in the winter and to battle. Ash interrupts and asks why the Hipster would say that. The Hipster questions Ash which he didn't and just decided to battle. The Hipster talks about feeling good when riding over bumps while using a bicycle before starting the battle. Ash commented that he hates Kalos.


Metrosexual Hipster starts out the battle by sending out Belieber4Evr, a level 40 Chespin. Ash questions about Chespin's name which the Hipster said that he got it from Wonder Trade and can't change his name. He also mentioned that Bieber isn't that bad because of his six-pack. Ash didn't care and sends out Charizard. The Hipster started to mention about making sure that Belieber4Evr has four attacks since his other Pokémon only had one useless attack each.

Metrosexual Hipster told Belieber4Evr to use Tail Whip which only lowered Charizard's defense. Ash told Charizard to use Rock Smash, which fairly took away Blieber4Evr's HP. Metrosexual Hipster told Belieber4Evr to use Swagger which Ash questioned if that was an actual move. While doing the move, Belieber4Evr actually danced to some swagger music. This made Charizard's Attack rise sharply, but also made him confused. Ash tried to have Charizard use Flamethrower, but the confusion took away 58 out of his 139 HP. Ash didn't understand why would Charizard punch itself in the face just because it's confused and asked the pianist to stop playing the music. The pianist clicked a keyboard that said, "No," and keeps on playing the music.

Metrosexual Hipster told Belieber4Evr to use a Curse attack. Belieber4Evr actually did curse, but in a way so obscene that most of the words were censored. Metrosexual Hipster asks what the hell's a (bleep)ing (bleep). This made its Attack and Defense rise, but its Speed to fall. Ash told Charizard to use Flamethrower again and also to not punch itself like an idiot. Charizard tried to follow Ash's command, but the confusion took away 50 HP dropping Charizard to the red zone. Metrosexual Hister told Belieber4Evr to use Tickle which lowered 20 HP from Charizard. Since Charizard isn't confused anymore, Ash told Charizard to use Scratch. Charizard's Scratch was just his finger, but it was very effective causing Belieber4Evr to faint.

After the Battle

Metrosexual Hipster couldn't believe that he lost even with more attacks and gives up the cut HM. The pianist even played the ending melody which made Ash ask if that was necessary. The pianist clicked a keyboard that said, "Sorry!" and Ash leaves the area in the region.

Back near the bush, Ash tries to teach Cut to one of his Pokémon. However, none of his Pokémon can learn the move. Ash gets disappointed and cuts the bush by himself. When Ash grabs the mysterious item, he hoped it was something special or he would punch the Old Man. He found out it was the cut HM again which made him outraged.


The Old Man was sitting on a bench petting a Magikarp by cheering it up. Suddenly, Ash appears and hits the Old Man with the bush he cut down earlier. The pianist clicked a keyboard repeatedly that said, "Headshot!" which made Ash confused. The pianist clicked another keyboard that said, "CALL 911 NOW!" which made Ash leave. The pianist clicked another keyboard repeatedly that said, "I don't have any friends."


Pokemon in Real Life 5!/Script


  • The Shut Up Opening makes references to Twitch Plays Pokémon Red and Blue Version.
  • Charizard can learn Cut in Generations I to VI (only Pokemon Yellow in Generation I).
  • This is the first time Ash did not use Pikachu in a battle.
  • Unlike in previous videos, the Metrosexual Hipster is now able to talk without Ash walking in front, but he still needs to walk in front to battle him.
  • Metrosexual Hipster commenting on his scarf is very similar to a memetic line said by a Youngster "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"
  • The "freaking bath salts" man was first seen in BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS! Then he appeared in If Movies Were Real 3. And then in What Guys Are Really Thinking. And then he again appeared in Emo Hair.
  • Belieber4Evr is at level 40, which means Belieber4Evr should be a Chesnaught if the hipster did not cancel the evolution. However, the fact that Belieber4Evr knows Curse, a move that Chespin could only learn via breeding, means that the previous trainer used it solely for breeding.
    • Chespin cannot learn Tickle through any manner whatsoever.
  • The "Rock Smash" shown in the video was actually more of a "Rock Throw".
  • Tickle does not do damage. Instead it lowers the opponent`s Attack and Defense Stat.
  • This video ended the tradition of the old man calling Ash a "frickin' jack**s". However, the tradition of using the word in the videos is still running, but this was at the end of the video, and he was referring to Ian and Anthony themselves.
  • Anthony had changed his hair since the last time he played Ash Ketchum, so he wore a wig this time.
  • Judging from Anthony's Instagram account, it would appear that the episode was filmed on February 23, 2014.
  • This is the first time the video ends with someone not saying an uncensored bad word.
  • This episode's battle is closest of Metrosexual Hipster defeating Ash even though he still has to beat Ash's Pikachu and Jigglypuff assuming that he was able to beat Ash's Charizard.

Shut Up! Opening

Let us consult the infinite wisdom of the Helix Fossil. Ohohohohoh... SHUT UP!



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