Pokemon in Real Life 3


October 21, 2011 (Smosh)
March 7, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony Padilla (as Ash), Ian Hecox (as Metrosexual Hipster and Old Man), Pikachu, Metapod

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POKÉMON IN REAL LIFE 3! is a Smosh video uploaded on October 21, 2011. It is the third installment in the Pokemon in Real Life Series.



Ash (Anthony) is continuing on his journey, this time heading for a city to get his first gym badge. However, a sleeping Snorlax blocks his path. He tries bumping it, but Snorlax doesn't budge. The Old Man (Ian) walks by, and Ash asks how to get past Snorlax. The Old Man tells him that he has to wake him up, but Ash asks why he cannnot simply go around him. The Old Man tells him that he can't and needs to wake him up using a Poke Flute. He also tells Ash that he can buy a Poké Flute from a guy in the direction he's pointing towards, calling him a "Freaking jackass" yet again.

After he leaves, Ash is shocked to find that the "guy" was none other than the Metrosexual Hipster Ash tries to talk to the Metrosexual Hipster about getting a Poké Flute from him, but he doesn't respond. He yells at the Metrosexual Hipster, who then whispers, "I can't talk to you unless you walk in front of me, dumbass!" Ash gives up and walks in front of the Metrosexual Hipster, who challenges Ash to a battle. Ash tells him he just wants to buy a Poke Flute, but the Metrosexual Hipster tells him that he has to battle him to buy one. Ash gives up and agrees.


Ash starts the battle by sending out his Pikachu. The Metrosexual Hipster tells him that since their last battle, he got his Pokemon to level 100 and sends out his Metapod. Ash takes out his Pokedex to check out the Metapod. However, it mistakenly gets information about the Metrosexual Hipster, describing him as a person who "dresses like a flamboyantly gay man to stand out from the rest of the male crowd, but always ends up looking like a complete (Metrosexual Hipster briefly flips of Ash) tool." Ash corrects it to examine Metapod, and the Pokedex describes Metapod as a "completely useless Pokémon." Hipster says that he leveled up his Metapod to level 100 and that he's so "badass" that he stopped Metapod from evolving into a "girly little butterfly."

Ash tells Pikachu to use Slam, which does very little damage due to the huge level difference. Hipster tells Metapod to use Harden, though it does nothing but sharply raise Metapod's defenses. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but again this does very little damage. Hipster then says, "My Metapod's gonna get so hard in this battle!" disturbing Ash with the sexual remark. For the rest of the battle, Ash tells his Pikachu to use several attacks which do very little damage and Hipster tells his Metapod to use Harden, which is the only move it can do.

Three hours later, Hipster's Metapod is about to go down with one more hit. But the Hipster uses a Max Potion, which completely heals Metapod, causing Ash to scream in rage. He calls back his Pikachu and sends out his Charizard. He begins to tell his Charizard to use Flamethrower on Metapod, when he realizes that he could just use it on Hipster. Hipster realizes this too and tries to talk his way out of it by saying it that it's against the rules. Ash starts to tell Charizard to use Flamethower on Metrosexual Hipster, but he tells him to stop and forfeits, ending the battle.


The Metrosexual Hipster gives him the Poké Flute and Ash holds it up Zelda style. However, he realizes that the Metrosexual Hipster gave him an Ocarina instead of a Poké Flute. The Metrosexual Hipster tells him that he could've just bought one from the Old Man running a Poké Flute stand. Ash goes over to the stand and gives him five Pokédollars for a Poké Flute. The Old Man agrees, but says, "But first you have to battle me...and my six Metapods." Ash then shouts, "Motherfu-"




  • Slam is a Normal type move, Thunderbolt is an Electric type move and Metapod is a Bug type Pokemon, so those two moves should do neutral damage to Metapod, despite it saying "It's not very effective." though this could refer to the significant level gap of Pikachu and Metapod making attacks from Pikachu do little damage.
  • Eventually, Metapod's defenses couldn't be raised any further with Harden. And after three hours, Pikachu and Metapod's PP in all their moves could've been depleted by then, which would force them to use Struggle, a move in which a Pokémon uses when they can't do any move at all.
  • When Metapod used Harden, the message box says that his defense "sharply rose," which means by two stages, but in the real games, it raises the user's defense by only one.
  • The "F**----" ending also occurs in POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!
  • The old man calls Ash (Anthony) a "Fricken Jack-Ass" which is the same thing he muttered to himself in the 2 previous videos.
  • The disembodied Snorlax feet and body appear again in Lunchtime with Smosh mainly next to Barbershop Pole or the Sexual Skeletons.
  • The part where Ash (Anthony) tries to get around Snorlax resembles part of their Pokemon lip sync video where Ash (Ian) tries to get around Anthony.
  • The 5 PokeDollars had a picture of Creepy Ash on it.

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