ASH (thoughts)

I can't wait to discover new Pokémon. I just better make sure I don't walk in front of anyone while I...

He walks in front of the old man.

ASH (talking out)

Damn it! I am not fighting anyone!


Oh no no. I wanted to give you a cool new move that you can teach to your Pokémon. It's called fly. You just teach it to any flying Pokémon and you could ride it to any destination.

Ash: So you're telling me if I taught this to a tiny little bird Pokémon, I can fly on its back or something?

Old man: Anything's possible in Pokémon (whisper) you freaking jackass!

Ash (thoughts): Okay. Now I can finally start my quest to...

(Encounters with a wild Pokémon)

Ash (talk out): What oom; what the hell!

Wild Encounter #1

(Ash encounters a Mankey)

(Mankey cries)

Ash: Oh sweet, a wild Pokémon!

Dexter (Pokédex): Mankey, extremely quick to anger!

Ash: You mean Monkey?

Dexter: Mankey!

Ash: No, that's definitely a Monkey,

Dexter: Mankey!

Ash: Whatever!  (Drops Dexter) Your going down monkey.

Dexter: Mankey!

Ash: Go Pikachu!  (Throws out a Pokéball freeing Pikachu)

Pikachu: Pikachu!

(Ash chooses fight. Visible moves : Tail Whip, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave and Quick Attack)

(Ash chooses Quick Attack)

Ash: Alright Pikachu, use Quick Attack.

(Pikachu uses Quick Attack)

Pikachu: Pika!  (He hits Mankey to the red zone making the attack a critical hit)

(Ash summons to throw a Pokéball)

Ash: Alright monkey...

Dexter: Mankey!

Ash: Shut the f**k up!  Alright, you're mine!  (Throws the Pokéball at Mankey and failed) Damn it, I'll get you this time.  (Tries again and fails)

20 Minutes later

Ash: I'm bound to catch you sometime.

(Wild Mankey became bored)

Ash: Whatever; I didn't want you anyway.

Ash (thoughts): That monkey may have tested my result, but I'm not gonna let that discourage me from...

(Encounters with a wild Pokémon)

Ash (talking out): Better not be another freaking monkey.

Dexter: Mankey!

Wild Encounter #2

(Ash encounters a Charizard)

Ash: Woah! We're not gonna let this one get away! Quick Pikachu, use AK-47 attack.

Pikachu: Pika?

(Ash gives him an AK-47)

Pikachu: Pi-ka-(yells)chuuuuuuuu!

(The AK-47 is super effective on Charizard putting the health to the red zone)

Charizard : (groans)

Ash: Alright, I've got you this time Charizard!  (Throws the Pokéball at Charizard and is caught and grabs it while holding it up) Yeah!


Hipster: Hey you douchebag, I want a rematch!

Ash: Oh god; alright Charizard, come up NOW. (Sends out Charizard and it roars) All right Charizard, get us the hell out of here; use fly.  (Charizard can't learn the move) But, he has wings; it's not like I'm teaching it to a fricking monkey!

Dexter: Mankey!

(Ash sees the old man flying on a Pidgey)

Old man: WOOOOOOOHHHH, Pidgey!  F**k yeah! HAHAAA!

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