Playing House in Minecraft is the seventy-fifth installment for the Smosh Games series Super Mari Fun Time.



First day

Mari welcomes her viewers to another Super Mari Fun Time episode, noting how she is thinking of renaming it Super MariCraft Time. Lasercorn says that he is jumping on the bed in-game, to which Mari scolds him for. Mari says that she has "gotten the handle" of Minecraft with her fans' help in merely a week, thanking them for it. She explains that Lasercorn is there to assist her with construction of a house. Mari mentions that she posted pictures of a mansions she built on Twitter, but could not transfer it to the server Lasercorn made for them.

In the game, Mari asks why Lasercorn's character skin resembles a character from Attack on Titan, to which Lasercorn sarcastically remarks with him being prepared if any Titans appear. Mari says that it looks nice. She hits Lasercorn in-game, to Lasercorn's confusion, hitting her until they call a truce. Mari shows the construction area off to the audience, which is a grassy field with some hills and a lava pool some yards away, and Lasercorn notes the presence of a cave he was in. Mari recalls the long amount of time it took to find sheep to have wool for beds, so she says that that area is their new home. Lasercorn calls him and Mari sheep farmers.

While moving around the area, Mari compliments it, but sees a creeper. Lasercorns heads toward it and hits it but runs away as soon as it makes a hissing noise, signalling its incoming explosion, though takes the credit for its death. Jovenshire overhears the mention of the word "creeper" and goes over to Mari's facecam, making a creepy face at the camera. Lasercorn tells Joven to shut up and Joven walks away.

Mari starts digging dirt out of their way, wanting a flat land to allow for better construction. Lasercorn asks what the house will be made of, to which Mari replies that she wants it out of wood. Lasercorn finishes digging the dirt out, noting that the bed that remained floating. Mari comments on the excessive amount of "crap" in her inventory, then explains to the audience that she is playing Minecraft on a PC, stating that it is "a lot better".

Lasercorn asks what wood she wants the house to be out of, listing wood blocks and wood planks as examples. Mari chose wood planks, asking for a possible size, getting hyped for it. She proceeds to place down eight wood planks in a row, but changing her mind and making it ten. Lasercorn comments on the different colors of wood planks, due to the different types of wood available. Mari leaves room in the wall for a window, with Lasercorn peeping through it, acting creepy.

Lasercorn asks Mari how large she wanted the windows to be, and Mari wants two-by-two windows. Lasercorn explains that he is filling the windows in with dirt for easier building on top of the windows, stating that it can be dig out later. Mari sees that it is the evening and asks if they should get to sleep, but suggest that she could place torches around the perimeter so they could continue construction through the night, to which Lasercorn agrees. Mari starts to replace the dirt floor with wooden planks. Lasercorn sarcastically says that they instead should have hired a contractor, to which Mari reasons that they would feel better afterward knowing that they built the house themselves. Lasercorn warns that he is not playing "House" with her, though Mari disagrees.

Lasercorn sees a zombie and proceeds to kill it. He sees Mari digging out the dirt floor and asks if she is building a basement and Mari corrects him in explaining that she is replacing the dirt with wooden planks. She also says that it would be better to craft a pickaxe (not realizing that shovels are used on dirt) Lasercorns suggests that it is because she is lazy, with which Mari agrees, stating that her hand is "doing all the work". They sees a zombie enter the house and Lasercorn, wanting to see Mari's reaction, decides to let her deal with the zombie. Mari checks her keyboard while being attacked by the zombie, with Lasercorn nagging at her delayed response. Mari switches her toolbar number to her stone sword and kills the zombie.

Some time later, Mari has almost filled the floor with birch wood planks but runs out. Mari is at first disappointed, but sees the hole in the ground and gets the idea of turning the hole into a fire pit.

Second day

Lasercorn ventures out near the lava pool and sees a skeleton on fire and moves to kill it, passing between two creepers. Mari, behind Lasercorn, sees the double explosion and is startled by it, but fortunately sustained no damage, stating that they "exploded in [her] face hole".

Lasercorn suggests that they build a tower, as it would make locating their building easier. Mari initially mistakens "tower" for "towel". Mari comes across a squid in a small pond, its head in a stone block. Lasercorn, noticing the sun setting, advises Mari to return to their house. Mari is lost, however, so Lasercorn asks if she is using her coordinates, which she was not. Lasercorn tells her the button to show the coordinates (F3) while Mari is distracted by the increasing darkness. Mari moves over a small hill and sees their house, the area mostly illuminated by the lava pool. Lasercorn ends up next to her, finding their house at roughly the same time. As they head toward it, they are attacked by spiders. Mari races towards their house while Lasercorn battles the spiders. When she gets to the house, however, she sees a spider in their house. She kills it, sustaining little damage and getting a spider eye. The two get into their beds and go to sleep.

Third day

In the morning, Lasercorn spots an enderman and goes to fight it. The enderman disappears and Lasercorn initially believes he killed it, but realizes he didn't and that it disappeared. He sees the enderman teleporting around him and notes this. While attempting to kill the enderman, Lasercorn sees a sheep wander into the lava pool and die from burning. He suggests that they fence off the lava pool to avoid further accidents, to which Mari agrees and asks him to craft fences. Meanwhile Mari is making stairs and is deciding out where to place them. She begins to build the ceiling over the first floor and asks Lasercorn how it looks. He asks for the ceiling to be up one block, stating that he would get claustrophobic otherwise. Mari teases Lasercorn by labeling him as "one of those pretentious 'I need high ceilings' type of guys".

Lasercorn realizes that the large amount of wood he had harvested was of a different type and color, but Mari suggests that they make the second floor of that wood color. Lasercorn starts on the ceiling, but as Mari start placing it, she is slightly taken aback by the color contrast and states that it would resemble chocolate vanilla on from the exterior. Mari sticks to this judgement as she looks at the house from the outside, telling him to fill in the interior, then she will fix the exterior. When the evening arrives, Mari wants to continue building. Lasercorn wants to make doors for their house and asks how to craft them, and Mari tells him six wood planks. He makes the door and kills the zombies outside, after which suggests they go to bed. He closes the door as the two get into their beds.

Fourth day

The next morning, Mari goes to their chest and starts putting things she does not need in her inventory into the chest, putting in flowers, seeds, ink sacs, feathers, I dont know what that is 7:08, and rotten flesh. Mari asks her viewers what uses rotten flesh has, assuming it cannot be eaten as it would make the player sick (which is correct, but is an option). Mari puts sand into the furnace to turn into glass for windows, at the moment filled in with dirt. She gets an idea and tells Lasercorn that they should have a glass floor, to which Lasercorn says that it would be cool. He directs Mari's attention to a dirt tower he is building, and Mari laughs and asks how he will get down. Lasercorn jumps into a pond next to the dirt tower base, against Mari's warnings, citing circus performers as having done in often. Lasercorn falls into the pool of water and gets no fall damage. A slow motion replay from Mari's perspective shows her view of Lasercorn's risky jump.

Mari wants to build a balcony, to eventually turn it into a sky bridge. She scolds Lasercorn for leaving their door open. Lasercorn, mining sand, apologizes. When he gets out, he sees a grey sheep that is on top of the dirt fence he had built around the lava pool, annoyed and bewildered as to how it got on there. He hits the sheep off of the fence to safety, scolding it. Mari recalls viewers' advice that glass panes look better for windows than glass blocks, but does not know how to craft it. She looks it up on the internet and finds out it requires six glass blocks. As she walks across the roof of the house, she comments on the view and how it looks, to which Lasercorn giggles and calls her a loser as he walks through the nearby woods. Mari is undeterred by this and says she is having fun.

Mari asks her viewers if one can mine glass instead of simply breaking it, as she broke her glass before while trying to adjust its position. Lasercorn compares this to how wood works in Minecraft, calling out its irony. As Mari replaces the dirt with glass windows, she states that she cannot wait for Lasercorn to see it, to which he jokingly replies that he is leaving permanently "for someone else". Mari laughs and is alright with it as he assisted it the construction of the house. She looks out a window and comments on how the sunset outside goes well visually with the flowers they planted earlier. Meanwhile, Lasercorn is stuck in the forest and is unable to see the dirt tower, but climbs to the top of a particularly tall tree and sees it, noting the far distance between. Mari wants to make their house into an apartment-like building, and begins work on more staircases.

Lasercorn makes it to the house and likes how the it is looking. Mari places stairs down while making cat noises for every stair put down and spots a creeper near the lava pool, and Lasercorn goes to kill it but is attacked by a skeleton. He kills it and states that they need better tools and weapons. He also thinks that that is a good place to end the episode, citing the house's "good" appearance and the start of the balcony. Mari agrees and wants to expand the house as well as farm, wanting to breed animals and make "little tiny lamb babies". Joven, off-screen, states that that is "disgusting" and Mari retaliates by saying that he is disgusting and "lamb babies are awesome!" Lasercorn wants to breed the sheep with pigs so they have "bacon that produces wool".

Mari thanks her viewers for watching, commenting, and helping her. As she is listing off her social media accounts, Lasercorn is startled by a spider in their house on the roof, which he promptly kills. Mari promises her viewers that they will continue working on the house and starting a farm. She bids goodbye, and Lasercorn does so as well in a higher-pitched voice.

The end screen shows a link to the previous episode, Mari the Minecraft Noob, and a link to 16-Bit High, at the time a new series.