Photoshop Plastic Surgery
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September 28, 2012 (Smosh)
September 30, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Rich Muscles, Mari, Herman Notapedo, Richard Choke, scared crowd, other costumers

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PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY is a Smosh video uploaded on September 28, 2012

Brief Synopsis: Rich Muscles shows a perfect clinic for a perfect look.


Rich Muscles (Anthony) asked the viewers if Ian is ugly showing that his pores are disgusting and having a stubby, little neck. Later he shows more signs of being an ugly, morph less human. Rich shows several magazine covers saying that the people in the magazines have no imperfections at all and the body only video game characters could have. He said that Photoshop is how the people looked like that. He also says that Photoshop cannot be in real life, but question by saying, "Or can you?!"

Rich Muscles says that he'll make the cover model of the people's dreams. He was obsessed with fashion magazines when he was young, but got frustrated shortly after realizing that nobody he saw actually looked like the people from the pages. So he opened a unlicensed plastic surgery clinic that specializes in his ground-breaking technique which is Photoshop Plastic Surgery. Instead of getting a medical degree, he spent a couple of hours researching plastic surgery on Wikipedia and uses that knowledge to make the people look like the models by using the techniques used in Photoshop. Muscle showed master pieces where Ian had a small nose and sound funny knowing it is beautiful. Mari has the anime look by having bigger eyes saying in Japanese that she looks like Sailor Moon. A woman's pores were removied thinking that they were ugly even though she can't move her face. A teenage girl got a thinner waist which she thought is awesome but thinks her liver is bleeding. A construction man gets a longer neck making him look like a giraffe, but ends up wobbly when he moves. And an Asian man gets a super long d**k.

Muscles says that he knows that the viewer is asking, "How can you possibly do it so cheap?" Muscles says that it's easy as ABC: Acid, Blowtorch and Chainsaw. Muscles closes the curtain and starts to bloodily modify the man on the bed. Muscles says not to take his word for it and listen to some satisfied customers. Professional Children Photographer Herman Notapedo says that not only does he look good, but he can also shop in the kids section before a closeup of him licking his lips. Richard Choke (who has 10 Facebook Friends) used to have a huge nose and small eyes and nobody wanted to be his friends. Since he got his eyes enlarged and his nose shrunk, everyone wanted to be his friend. However, several people were running away from Richard, who just wanted a hug.

Muscles says that to prove that it works, he'll have himself operated so he'll become the most "beautiful, sexiest person in the world that would even put shame to the Photoshop models." A doctor with a drill (Ian) closes the curtain and starts to operate on Muscles. After that's done, Muscles says that he's the hottest person alive, but he appears to be extremely deformed, as his waist is skinny and his arms are of two different sizes. Muscles says that Photoshop Plastic Surgery is conveniently placed in the basement of Mr. Wang's Happy Ending Message Parlor. Muscles tells the viewer to tell the place that he sent them and they'll swap the viewer's belly button and anus for free as he gives a wink and moves his eyebrows up and down.

Deleted Scene

Rich Muscles said that for 12.95 dollars extra, he could put the person's head on anybody he/she wants like the J-Woww which Ian was surprised, Mary Kate Olsen which Ian liked, and the Hulk which Ian made a sound like a bear while flexing his muscles. At the third message, Anthony also added the model has J-Woww's boobs which made Ian say, "F**K YEAH!"




  • This is the third 2012 commercial; second is IPhone 5 REVEALED and the first is 15 HOUR ENERGY!.
  • The construction man getting a longer neck could be a reference to Jimbomcb's popular reaction video, nope.avi.
  • Here is a list of how Ian is ugly:
    • Bowl Haircut
    • Squinty Eyes
    • Stubby Neck
    • Third Ear
    • Disgusting Pores
    • Uneven Stubble
    • Sloped Shoulders
    • Small Nipples
    • Farmer's tan
    • Too much arm hair
    • Overly-Boney Wrist
    • Wrinkled Shirt
    • Unpatriotic
  • This is the second time Mari appears in a commercial, the first time was in AWESOME NEW ROBOT!.
  • This episode is in the week of SmoshGames
  • The original thumbnail was Richard Choke in front of a red screen with his name visible.
  • This thumbnail was then removed and remodeled in less than a day.
  • The thumbnails on the Smosh website, the Youtube English version and the El Smosh version are different.
    • The English version on Youtube thumbnail is the picture above.
    • The English version on the Smosh website and the El Smosh version is when Ian is seen with a bra under his cutoff with boobs.
      • The bra or the switch of thumbnails was probably a reference to *NEW* Smosh Reality TV Show!.
      • When the guys are running away from Richard Choke one appears to be wearing the "Legend of Zelda" shirt
  • one of the custumers , "Herman notapedo" last is like not a pedo, much like Hansel Thepedo from REAL DEATH NOTE!

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Shut Up! Opening

Ew bro! Look at her cellulite. Uh! SHUT UP!




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