(Ian wakes up Anthony)

Ian: Okay, the craziest thing just happened to me.

Anthony: What?

Ian: So I was just walking down the street; you know, minding my own business. And then this guy jumps out in front of me. The guy says he belongs in some secret club that protects...

guy (flashback): ...the balance of the universe.

Ian (present): A club that fights...

guy (flashback):...evil, poverty, and all the unfairness in the world.

Ian (present): He said they keep their club to only fifteen members. And guess what, they chose me.

guy (flashback): Wear this at all times to prove your allegiance to the club.

(Ian takes the shirt)

Ian (flashback): Sweet.

Ian (present): The name of the club is called the (gets closer to Anthony) People Eliminating Nefariousness fifteen.

Anthony: What?

Ian: That's right, they're the PEN15 Club.

Alternate Ending

guy (flashback): First (opens the chest), you must wear this to prove you allegiance to the club.

(Ian pulls out a shirt)

Ian (flashback): No thanks. (Leaves)

(The guy is seen with a "Forever Alone" face)


(Ian shows the shirt which everyone laughed and realized what the shirt said)


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