Secret Club Revealed


June 29, 2012

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Ian, Anthony, Bouncer, evil king, narwhal, bad guy, people in the crowd

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PEN15 CLUB (originally "SECRET CLUB REVEALED!") is a Smosh video uploaded on June 29, 2012.


Ian is asked to join a secret club called People Eliminating Nefariousness 15, or the PEN15 club.



Anthony wakes up to lan walking into his room, to tell him that he got accepted into the People Eliminating Nefariousness club, or PEN15 for short, a club that allows only 15 members dealing with getting rid of all the bad, evil, and poverty of the world.

Alternate Ending

When Ian was rewarded with the PEN15 shirt, he said, "No thanks!" The guy giving him the shirt had a Forever Alone facepenis
cause I'm now a part of P.E.N Fifteen!
I'm a member, it's true
I wonder what kind of awesome shit we'll do.
Maybe fly and kill evil kings!
I hope we do a crap-load of bad-ass things.
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings,
and all my dreams come true!
Many secrets will be revealed.
Will I get a sword and a sweet-ass shield?
My life has changed and my fate is sealed.
And I can stop sniffing glue,
until my lips turn all blue
I'll slap your face
with a big ass trout.
Ha ha!
You'll never know the wonderousness,
'cause you're now the stupidest,
And I'm the king of awesomeness.
I give it all for-
Love the taste of-
I'm on my knees for-
Take the girth of-
P.E.N Fifteen!
Can't get enough of-
P.E.N Fifteen!
Dedicate my life to-
P.E.N Fifteen!


At the end of the video, which is set at a concert where lan sings the PEN15 song, he opens up his ridiculous leather jacket to reveal a shirt that says "I Heart PEN15" which the audience laughs and thinks that the shirt says "I Heart PENIS" making Ian say: "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!!"

Script (excluding song)

PEN15 CLUB/Script


  • The joke behind PEN15 is that it looks like "penis".
  • When the video was first uploaded, it was named "SECRET CLUB REVEALED!"
  • An 8-Bit instrumental version of the song is a part of the music track in Level 2 of Super Head Esploder-X
  • For the entire video, except the beginning, Anthony is wearing a Shut Up! Cartoons T-Shirt (available for purchase on
  • This is the second music video of 2012, the first being Parents Suck!
  • In the last scene at the concert where everyone is laughing at lan's PEN15 shirt, behind Anthony is a Predator wearing an AC/DC shirt, and other men at the concert are wearing the same AC/DC shirt. This could possibly mean that Ian's concert was supposed to be an AC/DC concert.
  • When lan stabs the pen15 with a trident, a Wilhelm scream (a stock audio scream sound) is heard.
  • In the beginning, Anthony is wearing the same leopard skin pajamas that he wore in the end of SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!, and what the crazy mother's daughter wore in 15 HOUR ENERGY!
  • During the part where lan tells Anthony what PEN15 means, the screen spells ELIMINATING as ELLIMINATING.
  • Ian was wearing Link's hat when he was holding the sword and shield.
  • When Ian stares into the sky before the first noodle scene, you can see the exploded thing was a bear.
  • The face Ian makes in the thumbnail is similar to the face he made in REAL DEATH NOTE!.
  • Since REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!, this is so far the only 2012 Smosh video not to have an El Smosh version.
  • The PEN15 Shirt can be seen in Smosh Vs Zombies at 2:25

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! Oh, and ask your friends if they can join the P.E.N 15 club and then write PEN15 on their hands, it's a really funny joke. Actually, someone did it to me, and I didn't think it was funny AT ALL!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Hey, you wanna hear a secret? *whispers* SHUT UP!"


Secret Video


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Hi im ian and you know im well stupud so anyway hope you lowe the sond yeah!