Parents Suck!


February 3, 2012

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Billy, Brent, Mrs. Hamburger, stranger, other people

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PARENTS SUCK! is a Smosh video uploaded on February 3, 2012.


After having enough of their parents controlling them, Brent (Anthony) and his little brother Billy (Ian) move out of their mom's house.


Brent: That's it, mom! I'm MOVING OUT!

Billy: Me too! ...Love you mom!

The greatest thing ever just happened to me
(You see!) Take that, Mom, you can't tell me how to be
I'm livin' on my own and I've got no rules
Yeah, I rule my own house and I'll tell you what I'll do (ha!)

First, I'll grab some milk; drink straight from the jug
Then grab a sandwich, eat it butt-naked on the rug
All these whack fruit snacks with only five in a pack...
"Only eat one!" FUCK THAT! I'll snack 'til I yack!

No more parents! No more rules!
Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain't no fool No more bath time! No more hugs!
And if I feel like it, I will crap on the rug.
No more mommy! No more dad!
Livin' on my own; most fun I've ever had
I'm eatin' cookies for breakfast 'cause I don't give a fuck
Shoot your squirties in the air and scream PARENTS SUCK!

My parents ain't around to tell me what I can't say,
so I yell "fuck" "shit" and "darn" every day.
My parents ain't around to tell me what to do,
so I leave the door open while I take a big poo
My parents ain't around to make me mow the lawn,
instead I'll watch dirty vids with the volume on
My parents ain't around to say I can't watch certain flicks,
They won't let me watch Bambi, what a bunch of dicks!

No more parents! No more rules!
Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain't no fool
No more bath time! No more hugs!
And if we feel like it, we will crap on the rug.
No more mommy! No more dad!
Finally I can wear my skanky top that I had
I'm eatin' shards of glass 'cause I don't give a fuck!
Shoot your squirties in the air and scream PARENTS SUCK!

No one to make me clean my room each day of the week
No one to read me bedtime stories and kiss me on my cheek
No one to zip my jacket when it's cold outside
No one to tell me to take my insulin when I'm 'bout die
No one to do my laundry when it stinks up the house
No one to cuddle at night when I'm scared of a mouse
No one to tell me to not take candy from strangers
No one to tell me not to show my peepee to strangers

Brent: Hey mom...
Mom: Hi son!
Brent: you think I can move back in?


It's the same lyrics altogether, but an electric guitar is played to make it sound evilly.

Happy Go Lucky



  • Both the normal and the uncensored version of this song are available on iTunes.
    • This is the second Smosh Song to have an explicit version of the song on iTunes, the first being The Legend of Zelda Rap.
  • This is the first music video of 2012.
  • This is the first Smosh video of 2012 where neither Ian or Anthony die as themselves or in character, assuming that Billy wasn't beaten to death by the stranger.
    • If the above statement is true, then this breaks the pattern that began in SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!, where all the 2012 videos before this one had either Ian or Anthony die.
  • All the swear words in this video are censored with car horns instead of bleeps and black bars over their mouths with the first letter of the word they are saying, for example: S-WORD.
    • The word "darn" is not a swear word, so there would be no need to censor Anthony's mouth.
  • The video is displayed with black bars at the top and bottom because when the video was edited in their after effects program, the composition the video was in was not fitted correctly.
  • After Brent and Billy yell at their mom, the railroad yard they're walking in is from the Original Boxman video, which is seen again in Boxman for President.
  • During the second verse's line: "First I'll grab some milk and drink it straight from the jug!" Brent grabs the milk from the freezer instead of the refridgerator.
  • Billy's mom wouldn't let him watch Bambi, which is rated G.
  • Billy's mom is played by Ian, but she was played by a woman in If Holidays Were Real.
  • Billy and Anthony's father is apparently James Bond actor, Sean Connery.
  • This is the first appearance of Billy's brother Brent since X-Mas: Santa Gets Down. But unlike the last video, he's named Anthony.
  • The guy who gives Billy and Anthony their house is the same guy that licks Anthony in the AIM clip in If The Internet Was Real and spokesperson Harry Mandichs from Makeup for Men .
  • This is perhaps Smosh's most explicit song, containing five instances of "f**k" and one instance of "sh*t".
  • Billy is revealed to be a Type-1 Diabetic. However, during the line "No one to give me insulin when I'm 'bout to die", a cake is seen on his stomach, which would be harmful to a Type-2 Diabetic, not a Type-1.
  • This Is Billy's Second Appearance The First One Is MIME FAIL!

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Shut Up! Opening

"Now now, don't forget to eat all your vegetables! SHUT UP!"



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