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Paranormal Easy Bake Oven
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January 14, 2011 (Smosh)
April 11, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, easy bake oven

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PARANORMAL EASY BAKE OVEN! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 14, 2011. Very strange things happen when Ian brings home a mysterious Easy Bake Oven.



A message is shown:

Smosh would like to thank the families of Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, and the Sacramento Police Department.

The video begins with Anthony asking Ian why they have a plate of cupcakes on the counter. Ian explains that ever since the Easy Bake Oven showed up on their doorstep, food has appeared randomly on their kitchen counter every morning. Anthony says that he has set up a few cameras in the house so they could find out what's happening. Later that evening, Ian is about to go to bed when Anthony tells him that he has to sleep in Anthony's room, since he couldn't afford enough cameras for both of their rooms. Ian and Anthony lay on Anthony's bed, with Ian asking that they cut that part out before they go to sleep.

Night #1 January 11, 2011

During this night, Anthony starts to dream about kissing a girl, almost kissing Ian in the process. Sometime during the night, the Easy Bake oven turns on. Once it turns on, Ian gets up and starts sleepwalking. In the morning, Anthony wakes up Ian and shows him the footage of Ian sleepwalking. Ian was freaked out about seeing himself sleepwalk when he asks, "What is that incredible smell?"

The boys discover a plate of tacos on the counter and Anthony says that Ian made it. Ian denies this and says he doesn't even know how to make tacos. Anthony says that he'll just set up a few more cameras, causing Ian to point out that Anthony said that they couldn't afford more cameras. Anthony dodges the subject by complimenting the taste of the tacos. In bed, Anthony is only wearing his pajama pants and Ian tells Anthony that they stay on their side of the bed according to the Pikachu pillow before they go to sleep.

Night #2 January 12, 2011

During this night, the Pikachu pillow was moved and Anthony starts to dream about Ian's mom. He almost starts to kiss Ian, causing him to wake up. Anthony tells him that he was having a weird dream and when Ian asks what it was about, Anthony replies, "None of your business!" They go back to sleep.

The next morning, Anthony and Ian find a calzone on the counter. Ian says that he doesn't even know what a calzone is. Anthony and Ian see the footage where Ian sleepwalks, leaves the house, and comes back two and a half hours later, with groceries he brought from three stores. Anthony also got footage of Ian making the calzone.

Ian complains that the strangeness happened when he bought the Easy Bake oven from a "stupid old man." Anthony points out that Ian said he found it. Ian admits that he made it up and throws the oven in the trash outside, stating that he made a blood oath with a Voodoo Priest when he bought the Easy Bake oven.

Before Anthony and Ian go to bed, we cut to footage of Anthony putting flour in the doorway of his room, in which Ian comments that it's the "dumbest idea [Anthony's] ever had." Anthony says that they want to make sure the ghost is gone so that if anything passes through the doorway, they would be able to see it. Anthony goes into the bed in his underwear only and Ian says that the ghost can easily jump over the line of flour. Ian tells Anthony to not "cross these pillows," before going to sleep.

Night #3 January 13, 2011

Ian starts to hear a squishing like sound and shouts to wake Anthony up.( Anthony might probably be Masturbating ) Anthony says that he heard nothing before the two go back to sleep. Ian starts to sleepwalk again. The next morning, Anthony finds the line of flour messed up and goes to wake up Ian, only to discover that Ian is covered in flour, making Anthony scream "HOLY $#!%!" Ian complains that he looks like "Micheal frickin' Jackson." Anthony tells Ian that "he wasn't that white," but Ian says that he meant that he "looks dead."

Anthony discovers the Easy Bake oven back in the house and asks if Ian brought it back in there, in which Ian honestly denies. They see a large cake, which Ian points out couldn't even fit in the Easy Bake oven, and discover that for some reason, the birthday cake is for a person named Allison. Anthony grabs the oven and walks in front of the road, stopping a random guy in a truck. He asks if the guy wants an Easy Bake Oven. The guy accepts the oven by saying "F**k yeah!" and drives off. Anthony says that they'll film one more night just to be sure. hey

Night #4 January 14, 2011

Ian starts to sleepwalk again and leaves the room. A few seconds later, a scream can be heard and Anthony wakes up. Anthony gets out of bed completely naked and heads to the source. The sounds of beatings are heard as Anthony screams. Ian comes back into the room with the Easy Bake oven, with the oven now covered in blood. For the rest of the night, Ian cradles the oven in his arms showing that he's in shock of what he has committed. Later that night, the police department breaks into the house and one officer comes in and points the gun at Ian. Ian thinks the police officer is Anthony and he tries to take something out of the oven, but the officer thinks it's a gun and shoots Ian, killing him. The officer realizes that it's a croissant. He then takes a bite out of the croissant and says that Ian's a great cook.

Easy Bake Freak Out

These are the events that occur after Ian's death. The oven (voiced by Ian), revealed to have a mind of its own, complains over several things. This eventually drives a furious Anthony, who had apparently survived the attack to the point of taking the oven outside, throwing it in the garbage bin, and then shooting it. After a few seconds, the oven reveals it's still alive and Anthony furiously shoots it again several times to the point where he kills it, and then he walks away.


  • The man in the truck might have got killed by the Easy Bake Oven. It is possible the oven managed to get away (debatable).
  • Anthony got killed by the demon in the Easy Bake Oven, but in the Easy Bake Freakout, it is shown he survived.
  • Ian got shot by a policeman.
  • The Easy Bake Oven was killed by Anthony in Easy Bake Freakout.




  • This video is an obvious spoof of the 2007 supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity.
  • Each night, they keep going to bed earlier than the other nights.
  • Every night, Anthony takes off one piece of clothing each night. The first night he is fully clothed, then he removes his shirt, then his pants, and finally his underwear. On the last night, Anthony ends up completely naked.
  • When Ian wakes up and hears the flipping, you can see the covers near Anthony move a little bit. The scenario of Anthony doing the cheek flipping was first seen in The Haunting.
  • The pillows are getting more and more. On the first night, there is nothing, proceeding to a Pikachu, later a bunch of pillows, and finally a Pikachu and a bunch of pillows.
    • Amongst most of the pillow bunch, there is, along with Pikachu, plain pillows and a Kirby pillow.
  • On Ian is Bored, lan used the Easy Bake Oven, now covered in blood, to cook a cake. The first time, he fails and used the wrong mix, but it ended up working the second try and he ate it with Anthony. In this video it is a blue Easy Bake Oven, however in the Ian is Bored video it is green. 
  • Ian says that he bought the Easy Bake Oven from an old man, this could possibly be a reference to the creepypasta BEN Drowned. 

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