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September 13, 2013 (Smosh)
September 15, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Anthony's Mother, jogger, Ian, party people, Sonny, General Dicksworth

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Our Generation is Fucked: The Movie is a Smosh video coincidentally uploaded on Friday the 13th of September 2013. In this video, Anthony wakes up to a world where technology is non-existent.


What if you woke up one day and every piece of technology you held dear never existed?


In the morning at Anthony's room, Anthony wakes up trying to snooze the alarm clock but realized it wasn't there trying to know where it is. As narrator asks the audience the question about if technology that they held dear, Anthony tries to go on the computer and then realized it wasn't on his desk wanting to know where it is. The question the narrator was about to say was about technology never existing.

In the living room, Anthony asked his mom where the computer was, but the mother didn't know what Anthony was talking. Anthony thought she was messing with him and asked for his phone which the mother pointed out the rotary phone on the counter. Anthony doesn't like the phone because he can't remember people's phone numbers which his phone does for him; he even throws the phone on the ground thinking the phone's stupid. His mother thought he should churn some butter thinking it'll calm him, but Anthony just runs away. The narrator mentions of a girly-haired man fighting for survival.

In the neighborhood, Anthony starts thinking that's he is lost. He stopped a jogger that was a man asking for directions to get to 343 Sparks Street. The jogger gave him a long list of directions to go, but Anthony asked how he can remember the directions. The jogger gives him a map and leaves; however, Anthony doesn't know how to use it. The narrator said that it was in a world where people in 80's could have managed just fine in.

At Ian's house, Anthony knocks at the door which Ian opens the door while eating cereal and asked what is up. Anthony thinks he's in trouble knowing no one who he spoke to knows what a GPS is, having a toothbrush that can't vibrate, and can't go to Twitter to complain about his life. Ian thinks Anthony needs to chill out ordering two tickets to a Skrillex concert asking Anthony to come. Anthony was pleased thinking that he had gone crazy.

At the concert, Sonny John Moore also known as (Skrillex) plays a Batá drum. Everyone but Anthony was amused and Ian knew that Sonny was making the drop. Sonny says, "Jimmy, get off the phony!" and tries to create random voices through a traffic cone making it sound like dubsteps. Everyone still liked it except for Anthony which he thought wasn't right and left. Ian cheered for Sonny saying that he's a Nativist. The narrator asks the audience how long will they survive.

In Ian's dining room, Ian wants Anthony to eat his food, but feels too upset since he wants to post a picture of it on Instagram first. Ian still wants Anthony to eat it since he created it with his own butter churn (stilling churning the butter) and is hecka delicious. The narrator expresses a world without touch screens.

In the living room, Anthony can't get more of the book because he's trying to use his finger instead of flipping the pages. The narrator even said that it was in a world where people couldn't show everyone what they're doing all the time.

Back in the dining room, Anthony feels scared thinking nothing makes sense anymore. Ian thought it like what Gandhi said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." However, Anthony thought Ian meant Franklin Roosevelt which Ian still thought it was Gandhi. Anthony wanted to check on Wikipedia for who's right which didn't know what it was. Anthony didn't like it because he can't prove people wrong without Wikipedia. Ian thinks that his answer should remain correct, but Anthony doesn't like it wanting to disprove Ian and starts to run away.

Out in the neighborhood, Anthony runs away and Ian tries to get him. All of the sudden, Ian calls the Pentagon which the general named Dicksworth picked up. Ian revealed that the whole thing was an experiment and said that Anthony failed it wanting to call it off which the general thought it was fine. Ian hanged up and the general thinking today's generation is f***ed. The narrator presents the movie Our Generation is F***ed: The Movie. Later on, Anthony is still running realizing that he doesn't know how to run without his iPod and then starts to run pathetically. Right after, the narrator says that they're seriously f***ed.

Deleted Scene

When Anthony didn't like the rotary phone and threw it, his mom gave him Cola to settle down. Anthony thanked her and spat it out because it's warm. The mother thinks that Anthony wants her to go to the mountains and get some ice there.


Our Generation is F*cked: The Movie/Script


Coming Soon!


  • Coincidentally, this video was uploaded on Friday the 13th of September 2013.
  • If technology never existed, men would've still been in the Old World (Africa, Europe, and Asia) hunting food with only burial strength and not have a way to keep warm and healthy.
    • In fact neither would the rotary phones, butter churns, clothes, houses, maps, roads, sidewalks, furniture, gates, toothbrushes, bands, instruments, napkins, or plates would have been invented since they're all technology.
    • However, this video could've meant the loss of modern technology, like computers, alarm clocks, iPhones, Instagram, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Skrillex's career would've plumbeted if he were using what he used as instruments in real life.
  • Franklin Delanor Roosevelt in fact did say "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", meaning that Ian was wrong.
  • The rotary phone that is seen in the beginning was used in Pizza Zombies!, the final part of the X-Mas Series from 2009, and Amazing New Workout.
  • This is the first video with a censored-out word in the title.
  • Visibly, Anthony is wearing his shirt inside-out in the video.
  • 343 Sparks Street is in Bakersfield, California. It is also a reference to a major character in the first Halo, 343 Guilty Spark
    • Anthony was looking for 343 Sparks Street, while Ian's house reads "25" on the door.
  • Although Anthony doesn't have a computer, a speaker is seen on camera.
  • General Dicksworth sounds a lot like the real Ian [Hecox], while the credits say it's Ian Webb. There is a possibility that he could really be Ian Hecox or it's the other Ian [Webb].
  • Anthony was wearing a watch, so there could be a possibility of technology around that time.

Shut Up! Opening

I can't even go like an hour without my iPhone. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

General Dicksworth speaking; click the subscribe button or you're F***ED!



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