Oliver is a robotic honey badger who is Robbie's sidekick in The Teleporting Fat Guy Cartoon.

Olivers Killshot


He is shown to love cake. Some viewers think his voice is strange. He is also said to be a Megatron rip-off by the narrator. He is killed in the episode Gehngis Kahn Attacks! and bought back in Hitler's Robot Unicorn. He is short-tempered and sometimes rude and has a lazer for a tail. Oliver also hates clowns. We know that because he said to the Burt Reynolds clown "Hey, stupid clown make me laugh" and is smashed with a mallet. He is also hates people mistook him as a dog in Detention like when Ms. Winters did, he'll yell "I'm not a dog! I'M A GODDAMN HONEY BADGER!!"

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