Oh The Injustice! is the forty-third installment for the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 12th July 2013 on and on July 19th, 2013 on YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew have an all-out battle in a game of Injustice: Gods Among Us.


The two lowest scoring people would have to act out a date scenario as Batman and Wonderwoman.

Characters played

  • Anthony - The Flash
  • Ian - The Joker
  • Jovenshire - Batman
  • Lasercorn - Green Lantern
  • Mari - Deathstroke
  • Sohinki - Solomon Grundy


Round 1

  • Mari vs. Lasercorn
  • Sohinki vs. Jovenshire
  • Ian vs. Lasercorn
  • Mari vs. Anthony
  • Jovenshire vs. Lasercorn

Round 2

  • Sohinki vs. Ian
  • Jovenshire vs. Anthony
  • Sohinki vs. Lasercorn
  • Anthony vs. Ian
  • Sohinki vs. Mari

Round 3

  • Ian vs. Mari
  • Anthony vs. Sohinki
  • Jovenshire vs. Mari
  • Anthony vs. Lasercorn
  • Jovenshire vs. Ian


  • 1st place: Jovenshire (5W-0L)
  • =2nd place: Anthony (3W-2L)
  • =2nd place: Lasercorn (3W-2L)
  • =2nd place: Sohinki (3W-2L)
  • 5th: Mari (1W-4L)
  • Last: Ian (0W-5L)


  • This is the last episode filmed in the original Smosh Games studio in which the door is on the camera's left and the shelf is on the right, from the next Game Bang, Smosh Games moved to a new studio, in which the shelf is on the left and the doorway is out of shot on the right.
  • Despite Sohinki and Lasercorn trying to stop Jovenshire winning his final match, this tactic would have been futile even if it succeeded because he would have still won regardless with 4 wins.
  • This was the 2nd Game Bang where Anthony, Ian, and Mari played a certain game for the 1st time.
  • Jovenshire and Sohinki had previously played this in the Dope! or Nope video Batman Kicks Ass, Smosh Games VS video Injustice Noobs Among Us and later played this in the Cage Match Challenge video Injustice Eggs Among Us.
  • This was the 3rd video where there was a 3 way tie
    • It is also the second time that 3 people tied for second (Anthony, Lasercorn, and Sohinki tied for second with 3 wins and 2 losses).

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