April 29, 2011

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Ian, anthony, Peter, Korean guy,some person driving

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OUR VIDEO IDEAS STOLEN! is a video uploaded on April 29, 2011. Ian and Anthony lose the shoebox that they keep all their video ideas in, but only to find out that Peter Peter stole it.


The video starts out with Ian frantically searching his room for something. He then calls Anthony and says that there's a crisis. At first, Anthony thinks that Ian got stuck in the vacuum again, but Ian then tells him the real news that's much worse: "We're out of ideas!" He explains that he was searching all over the house for the shoebox they keep their ideas in, only to find it missing. This includes the idea about a magical tapeworm they can talk to and fight crime with . Later, Ian and Anthony are at their house searching up who stole their idea box using the website The website replies, "The Chinese Government".

Ian and Anthony are at the park spying on who they think is a Chinese operative. The man was holding a shoebox and drinking water. Anthony tells Ian that the man is Korean, only for Ian to argue that he's Chinese. A random person pops up behind them and says that he thinks the man is Latino. Ian and Anthony look at the random person, who introduces himself as Peter. However, they don't respond and Peter leaves disappointedly.

Ian comes up with a way to get their idea box back. He starts to sneak over to the man and puts a label reading "Acid" on his water bottle. The man then drinks from the bottle, only to read the label. Thinking that he's really drinking acid, he panics, starts screaming in Spanish, and ends up getting water all over him. Ian then grabs the box and returns to Anthony. They open the box to find out that a pair of shoes are inside, thinking that the man traded their ideas for sneakers. Anthony decides to give up and says that they should stop making videos, but Ian gives a speech about ideas not coming from notes in a box, but from the heart.

Peter's voice is later heard after Ian gives the speech about ideas coming from the heart. Peter is filming a video with Robbie coming out of his butt, and holding Ian and Anthony's idea box. Anthony tells Ian he has an idea, and goes over to Peter. He whispers in his ear. Peter agrees to Anthony's idea, and runs into the street. While Anthony films Peter's new video, Peter gets run over by a car, resulting in his death.

Anthony comes back with the box, explaining that he told Peter to make a video called "Getting Hit by a Car and Dying." Anthony then tells him that Peter might be dead. But Ian doesn't care and says that they can start making videos again. Although Anthony reminds Ian about what he said earlier about thinking of new ideas from the heart. Ian's response: "F**K THAT!!"

Deleted Scene

When Anthony was surprised that the video box was stolen and Ian tried to answer his question about how to get the box back, Ian gets a phone call from his mom asking who he was doing and if he scrub the toilet while some guy tries to steal Anthony sandwich from him. Ian answered that he hasn't done it and his mom said that she'll take away the Xbox if he doesn't do it while Anthony is fighting the guy trying to take the sandwich. Ian thinks that Cheryl is going to be a bitch about it while Anthony drags the guy acting like he killed him and is going to bury him. The mother wanted to know what Ian said to her which he responded back again. Cheryl agrees with her son thinking she went too rough on Ian and apologized to him while telling Ian he loves him and hanged up while Anthony came back from the yard after burying the guy. After that, Anthony talked back to Anthony.


Subscription Ending

"Hey everybody, it's Peter! I hope you like my getting hit by a car and dying video! For every person that subscribes, Smosh will donate a dollar to my funeral. Yay!"

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