"It looks like you've met the Caped Crublader!"
— One of Sohinki's Knife Man Guy puns



OH GOD A SHARK! screen

Game Far Cry 3
Release Date December 4, 2012
Length 12:53
Views 1.8M+ (July 2017)
Link OH GOD A SHARK! (Backseat Gaming)
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Episode 10
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OH GOD A SHARK! is the tenth episode of the Smosh Games series Backseat Gaming. This episode, Lasercorn and Sohinki play Ubisoft's open world action-adventure first-person shooter Far Cry 3.

It was released on December 4, 2012 alongside the Dope! or Nope episode RATCHET AND CLANK FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT.


Far Cry 3 has plenty to do. Let's see what shenanigans the guys get into!


Sohinki's turn

Lasercorn and Sohinki start their usual greeting but are quickly interrupted by a gang of pirates. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to kill them by shooting an arrow at their throat, then escape in a jeep while running them over. Sohinki slams the jeep into multiple pirates and kills one with a knife. While back on the jeep, Sohinki gave brief chase to a buffalo and killed it, but not before crashing the jeep into water. Lasercorn tells Sohinki to set landmines for nearby pigs. After chasing it, Sohinki plants a mine in front of a pig and detonates it, killing the pig.

Later, during night, Lasercorn tells Sohinki to kill a patrol in the balls. While infiltrating a compound, Sohinki is caught and begins killing the guards. Sohinki wanted to release a captive bear on the guards, but finds that the bear had been shot, to their disappointment. Lasercorn tells Sohinki to shoot a red barrel point-blank, depleting almost three-fifths of his health. Lasercorn continues to tell Sohinki to only attack using his combat knife. Almost out of health, Sohinki tried to escape while Lasercorn kept telling him to knife the enemies. A frustrated Sohinki is killed and he calls for a switch.

Lasercorn's turn

Sohinki carefully instructs Lasercorn to snipe the bear cage, releasing the bear. The bear escapes the cage and begins mauling its captors. Lasercorn is told to shoot the enemy sniper and protect the bear. Lasercorn fails to kill another sniper before he sounds the alarm, which ended up the bear being killed. In closer combat, Lasercorn throws a grenade at a couple enemies, killing them. Lasercorn continues shooting more enemies, including one who parked his jeep in the flames. Lasercorn climbs into the turret of the jeep and blasts away more enemies. Pretty soon, the outpost is liberated.

Sohinki tells Lasercorn to access the map and right-click on a shark. Lasercorn jumps off a cliff and wingsuits right to the shark. Sohinki says that the only way he know how to kill a shark in Far Cry 3 is to let it bite you, then, as it goes in for the kill, a quick-time event will occur, allowing the player to kill the shark. After swimming around for some time, Sohinki spots a shark. After trying to spot it again, a shark attacks Lasercorn from behind, much to their surprise. Lasercorn starts to panic as the shark continues attacking. Sohinki tells Lasercorn to lead the shark to shallower water like in Jaws. While swimming to shore, Lasercorn spots a boat and tries swimming towards it.

Back on land, Lasercorn is told to climb up on some rocks and rocket jump to the top rock. Lasercorn prepares for a rocket jump, but it fails. This frustrates Lasercorn enough to call for a switch.

Sohinki's turn

Sohinki goes to kill a shark. He hang glides over the ocean and lands in the ocean. Lasercorn tells Sohinki to imitate Bear Grylls. After a few more shark attacks, Sohinki manages to grab hold of the shark and start pummeling and stabbing it, eventually killing the shark. Back on shore, Sohinki is told to shoot a rocket at another shark. He succeeds after a second attempt. Sohinki and Lasercorn agree that successfully killing a shark with a rocket launcher is a good place to end the episode.

Reasons for switching

  • Sohinki switched because of Lasercorn's insistence that he use only a knife in combat.
  • Lasercorn switches because, according to him, Sohinki's "shark-hunting advice sucks".


  • * This is the fifth "successful" episode of Backseat Gaming, meaning that it did not end with someone ragequitting.
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