Ninjappreciation Day
Zombies vs. Ninjas 1


May 4, 2012

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Zombies vs. Ninjas



Characters Featured:

Spencer, Andre, Rogi, Tanzy, Chris and Bartleby, Colonel Fluckerton, employees, zombies

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Ninjappreciation Day is the first episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Zombies vs. Ninjas. It was uploaded on May 4, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: A resturant declares Ninjappreciation Day and offer free food. Tanzy, Chris and Bartleby are suspicious, but Spencer, Andre and Rogi go anyway.


The ninjas were watching Killing the Kardashians while having cardboard pizza, which Spencer, Andre, and Rogi were complaining about. Tanzy said that world was invaded by zombies in which Spencer does not think there is a connection. Tanzy attacked Rogi to show how tough she is. Andre even wondered why she was unhappy. Meanwhile, the ninjas except Tanzy were watching a commercial about Colonel Fluckerton giving away falafel balls that is zombie proof which only the wealthy can afford. He also said that it was free to ninjas for Ninja Appreciation Day. Spencer wanted to The Falafel Duke for the madeup holiday, but Bartlby doesn't want to go because the town has been run by zombies. Andre agrees, but Spencer just thinks he is a puppet in which Chris does not believe in Spencer. After that, Spencer, Andre, and Rogi left to the restaurant Falafel Duke.

Meanwhile, Colonel is seen making a plan that the zombies in the restaurant will destroy the ninjas. He is protected from the zombies by being in the elevator full of his fart gas while giving the giving the signal to release them.


Shut Up! Opening

Today is Ninja Appreciation Day. SHUT UP! Cartoons!


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