New Year's Eve PSA

New Year's Eve Psa

December 24, 2006
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Three Wishes (Season 2007)

New Year's Eve PSA is a Smosh video uploaded on December 24, 2006.

Brief Synopsis: A public service announcement about New Year's Eve party ettiquette.


A girl is telling her friend about her boyfriend, and she says, "We've been dating for almost a year now, he's SO sweet. Look at this ring he got me!" The other girl admires the ring while being held in her boyfriend's arms, and Ian walks up to the group, calling both girls "fine." He then asks for their Myspaces, and then they all walk away.

A presumably gay man is talking to a girl, and he asks her if she's available next Thursday, because his sister is having a baby shower. Ian then walks up to them and starts to tell a joke. "What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a corvette?" He doesn't remember the ending, but says it was still funny because it included a pile of dead babies. The gay man then insults Ian as he walks away.

Two guys are playing World of Warcraft, and Ian comes up to them and says, "I would totally own you guys, with my Paladin, he's level 69!" Ian then walks away feeling proud of himself, and one of the two guys says that Ian's a noob, as Paladins can only go up to level 60. The other guy calls Ian a number of swear words, and also a liar.

Anthony comes up to a guy and starts telling him a story. "Last night I was going to-" but Ian interrupts him, saying, "My mom's house." Anthony rolls his eyes and continues, "The beach. And then this guy-" Ian interrupts again, adding in, "Got naked." Anthony turns to Ian and asks, "Why are you being so-" Ian finishes with, "Awesome?" Anthony states that he meant to say "annoying," but Ian says that he's just mad because he saw a guy naked. Ian then sticks his hand in a fish tank and asks if anyone wants a salmon. A message then shows:

There's always one A-hole at a New Year's Eve party.

It then shows Ian rubbing his hand all over someone's face, and Ian tells them, "Oops, I peed all over my hand!"

Don't let it be you.

Please drink responsibly.


  • It is true that Paladins can only go up to level 60.
  • The video was in fact released on December 30.
  • Most of the people are from Ian's 2006 American River College Cross Country team.


New Year's Eve PSA/Script



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