Smosh Pit 46
Naughty Fus Ro Dah'
is the forty-sixth installment for the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly.

Featured Articles

  • Snooki is PREGNANT?
  • 30 Epic Cannon Penises
  • Unnecessary Censorship pt. 4: Skyrim

Mari's Questions

  1. Snooki Pregnant: Hot, Fail, or reason for Zombie Apocalypse?
  2. Would you rather be Snooki's: Liver or Underwear?
  3. What's Better: Kitties or Puppies?


  1. What's your favorite part about doing Smosh Pit Weekly? She can wear pajama bottoms when she films.
  2. Can you recommend some books? Books by Tim Ferriss and The Tipping Point.
  3. What's your favorite Mythical creature? Mermaid, Pegasus, and Legolas Greenleaf

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