Kalel and Anthony's stuffed monkey that "makes appearances" on the WatchUsLiveAndStuff channel. Nannerz was introduced around late summer of 2014. Nannerz is a male monkey.


Nannerz is a sassy, take-no-hate, cute, direct, "ghetto" monkey that is not shy about doing much in that he takes interest. The personality of Nannerz is created by Kalel and possibly influenced by viewer comments.

Fan Reaction and Beliefs

Fans are divided when it comes to Nannerz. Some want Nannerz completely out of the WatchUsLIveAndStuff videos. Others communicate various levels of desperation for the monkey when not present in a vlog. There are not many fans that would take Nannerz only in some videos. Nannerz's name is known by most, but some still believe the name to be "nanners". Petitions have been suggested to keep Nannerz in the vlogs because of some vlogs not including Nannerz and the strong opposition from those that don't like Nannerz.

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