June 20, 2014 (Smosh)
June 22, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Crazy Bomber Guy, Lady Dancers, and Big Dude Twerkers

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Smosh promised 251 of their Food Battle: The Game contributors that they'd use their names in a sweet rap. Now they have to deliver or LOSE THEIR BALLS!


Story: Part 1

In the Smosh Games office, Ian and Anthony play Mario Kart 8 with Xbox One controllers facing the wrong way when all of the sudden, a crazy bomber guy enters and talks to Ian and Anthony about their unpublished game, Food Battle: The Game and that he was one of the funders to have his name in a rap video, but asks where the video is. Ian and Anthony explain that it takes time to make a good rap and more time to create a video game. However, the guy doesn't care and points a gun at them telling the two that he strapped a bomb to their ball sacks as the countdown started ticking from five minutes. The guy pulls out a radio and explains that they have five minutes to create an awesome rap video. Anthony confesses that they haven't created a rap yet, but the guy tells them to wing it.

Rap Song

I know it's kinda late and you think we're kinda lame
But these are all the awesome people that helped fund the game.
We gotta rap real fast so we don't die
And get our ball sacks blown all into the sky.
Here we go!

Alan Hammond, Alec Bru,
Amanda Renick, Alessandra Miller,
Alex Yau, Amanda Carona,
Amanda Matthews, Antor Cruz,
Antoino Campanozzi, Ariana Filippini,
Ariel Nunez, Arjun Natarajan,
Arnold Nguyen, Brandon Nguyen,
Charlotte Lynn Smith, Camilla Huren,
Ary, Asbjorn Mansa Jensen,
Ashley Carey, Austin McGee,
Ben Lotinga, Benjamin Alvear, Bergiml,
Blake Lindler, Brendan Taggart,
No last name?
Guess not.

Bryce Roeber, Casey "Chibi" Watts,
Cassie Moore, Chad Blyer, Chantizzle,
Charles Sybert, Chelsi Nichole,
Cheryl Hornyak, Chris Barry,
Chris Bigelow, and don't forget
Alex Sinclair, Andrew Hayes, Andrew Higgenson, Bryan A.D. Smith, Chris Cosner, Yeah!

I know it's kinda late and you think we're kinda lame
But these are all the awesome people who helped fund the game.
We gotta rap real fast so we don't die
And get our ball sacks blown all into the sky.

Ian: I'll miss my balls if they get blown up.

Anthony: Yeah, we should probably hurry the hell up or we're not gonna have balls anymore.

Chris Schwab, Christian Hinze,
Cody Feiner, Cody Kreppein,
Collin Smith, Colt. Again, no last name.
These people are weird. Connor Handley, Dallas,
Darren Foo, David Noubani,
Deirdree, Dirk Parstofer,
Duarte Santos, Dylan Romagnola,
Ethan Fisher, Evan Teed,
Felix Bammer, Felix Principie-Gillespie, Flate, Fluffy Bunny,
Garret Natysin, Gian,
Grant Crazyscotsman, Graser10, Hanan,
Hannahbelle, Hector Rincon,
Holly Moffat, Isak Schramm,
J. Red Eagle 7, Jack Hughes,
Jack Porter, Jacob, Jacob Poshka, Jake Amato,
Jalilah, James Mcnutt, Jared B., Jennifer Linder,
Jente, Jimmy Fitch,
Joakim Lindahl, Joe Cheeseman,
Joe Retoast, Joel Givan,
Eddie Gambler, Elamr Hannesson,
Corran MCallum, Ruaridh Hope,
Griffin Johns, Cody Houston,

I know it's kinda late and you think we're kinda lame
But these are all the awesome people who helped fund the game.
We gotta rap real fast so we don't die
And get our ball sacks blown all into the sky.

Ian: A lot of people have one name. It's super weird, right?

Anthony: No, it's like Prince, Madonna, or Drake.

Ian: Uh, Drake's got a last name dude. It's Drake Bell, duh.

Joel Keizer, Joelle Tourneur,
Johanne Cazal, John Osorne,
Johnny Wu, Josh Langman,
Josh Leggero, Joshua Howe,
Joshua Yarrow, Juan Manuel Molina,
Kaleigh Anderson, Karma Johnson,
Kason, Katelyn Maskell,
Katy Beckmann, Kevin H,
Kurtis Loveless, Lainey McCamley,
Lance Heffner, Liisa Naapanki,
Liva, Lomyen Hejderup,
Louise Kristensen, Luke "Skywalkr" Scribner,
Luke O'Connell, Lucas Ball,
ManuelaVidal, Makena Wolcott,
Malcom Thomforde, Manuel Trummer,
Marcela, MarcenWare,
Maria G. Alvarez, Matty T.,
Matthijis van der Jagt, Max Drewewews,
Maxwell Altamimi, Melody Strickland,
Mia Kirk, Michael,
Michael Brown, Michele Cardnuto,
Mike, Mitch Pace,
Moe, John Nikolis,
Kimberly, Leah Gimbutas,
Marcelo Garza Castell, Maria Christou,
Marnie Purssell, Micah Wiese,
And you know we can't forget

I know it's kinda late and you think we're kinda lame
But these are all the awesome people who helped fund the game.
We gotta rap real fast so we don't die
And get our ball sacks blown all into the sky.

Ian: Life without balls can't be so bad, right?

Anthony: We'll be like really ugly girls.

Ian: I kinda like ugly girls. I've even kissed one once.

Anthony: Dude, that was your mom.

Ian: Oh yeah. (gets surprised by creepy bomber guy)

Nick Sharky Lewis, Nick Pettock,
Nick Wildman, Nima Khatibi, Niqueo, Noah Segura,
Olivia A., Peanut Butter.
Cool name.
Ramiro Palomares, Rania,
Rasmus Strommberg, RedbellCentral,
Remi Pijoux, Richard Bartlett,
Riley Vanderpost, Robert Harvey,
RoosterxBros, Ryan Case, Sam Costello, Sam Liebman, Sam Wilder, Samantha Kellogg,
Sarah Pribyl, Sarah Rogers,
Saul Rosal, Sean Wright,
Sem Roolvink, Serena Abraham,
Shelby Soliwoda, Sian Howells,
Stephen Berg, Stephen Etienne,
Sven Ole Theilen, Tanziba Awal,
C. Teagan, The One Red Leaf,
Thomas L., Thomas Philie,
Tiffany Byron, Tiger,
Toby Marks, Tommy Romano,
Tosh Ketz, Tracy Fister,
Thomas Birch, Nicholas Harris,
Roy Casper-Anthony

I know it's kinda late and you think we're kinda lame
But these are all the awesome people who helped fund the game.
We gotta rap real fast so we don't die
And get our ball sacks blown all into the sky.

Ian: What about the people that didn't sign the release forms?

Anthony: Why would they have to do that?

Ian: Duh, 'cause we can go to jail for saying their names in the video without their formal written consent.

Anthony: Let's just show their names super fast, then.

(the scene shows a list of people that didn't sign the release forms)

Okay, back to it! Tristan Worsham, Tyler Conley,
Tyler Laliberte, Vermillion,
Virginia Harvey, Wegie125,
William Capistran, Yohan Caby,
Zach is Awesome, Zacharias Thomas Steffen,

Story: Part 2

Ian and Anthony relax on the couch after they finished the song; however, the bomber guy points that they didn't mention his name and has exploded their "balls".

After the explosion, Ian and Anthony thank the audience for funding the game. Ian mentions about the gaming developers sending rough footage of the game. Even though they're far from completion, it'll give the viewers an idea for it.

After talking about the early prototype, Ian mentions that it shows a little taste of the game and to view while they find their balls. Anthony asked Ian if he just farted which he stated through his balls making Anthony laugh.

Script (excluding rap)

Name Rap or Die/Script


  • Strangely, this song was released on SoundCloud as opposed to iTunes.
  • So far this is Smosh's longest song.
  • During the second verse (second time they sing the chorus), Ian is obviously brushing "Beard Grow" on his face as he raps. Anthony does the same thing to one of the dancers in the background.
  • Here are the 50 people that didn't sign the release forms, but contributed for the game:
    • Bridget Hillhouse
    • Pauliene Chico
    • Lercy Pine
    • Christy Mikkelson
    • Mariah Mancil
    • Sue Pautz
    • Bradley Tinajero
    • Marcela Charrier
    • A.J. Snelgrove
    • Ilona Penham
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Dania Costigan
    • Hisu Brobst
    • Erma Auranul
    • Myung Petrus
    • Desiree Stambaugh
    • Blake Pink
    • CoDSam
    • JaneHee
    • Livia Hajek
    • Candy Braswell
    • Altagracia Neagle
    • Rachel Vanderhorst
    • Shayna Dumbleton
    • Yajaira Dantzler
    • Long Klapp
    • Anton Chausse
    • Iliana Fiorentino
    • Destiny Soto
    • Terri Durgan
    • Johanne Odowd
    • Mulan
    • Shirly Revis
    • Cami Hoyle
    • Thalia McKibben
    • Verline Winegarden
    • Krystle Stockman
    • Nora Mack
    • Alejandra Schmidtte
    • Issac Branscum
    • Takkyboy
    • Blaine Petit
    • Lamonica Moncada
    • Juliette Alderson
    • Karl Margulies
    • Roy Schweitzer
    • Ty Miguez
    • Lanny Hurd
    • Antionette Schlegel
    • Lena Rote
    • Velia Virgen
    • Sharkbox
    • Filomena Hayward
    • Devorah Frandsen
    • Linsey Esterly
    • Joella Rarick
    • Lon Doster
    • Jaimee Oltman
    • Tyson Wiechmann
    • Phillip Callaham
    • Lauran Milford
    • Nery Struble
    • Kimber Bourgeois
    • Riley Leeper
    • TomCruiseCruz
    • Shaun Delapp
    • Bettina Rozell
    • Chelsey Hyppolite
    • Astrid Fairchild
    • Torri Chowdhury
    • Amy Bullock
    • Daron Klaus
    • Clemencia Martineau
    • Nia Chewning
    • Louis Mullican
    • Angelica Deets
    • Melodi Solan
    • Noella Brunell
    • Loretta Tews
    • Gema Dallas
    • Contessa Antos
    • Erlinda Gerst
    • Leta Schiller
    • Alana Arrowsmith
  • The campaign for Food Battle: The Game closed and finished on August 23rd, 2013. One of the campaign's perks for contributing was to be in a music video.
  • The bombs and dynamite sticks on Ian & Anthony's pants were placed to resemble penises.
  • From this point on, the font of the letters that say "Click Here to Subscribe!" is the same font of the names listed on the bottom during the song.

Shut Up! Opening

"(ticking clock) SHUT UP!"



Anthony Padilla as himself
Ian Hecox as himself
Jason Bortz as crazy guy
Ernesto S. Bustos as fat guy #1
Josh Dietz as fat guy #2


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