Smosh Pit 64
Naked VidCon Shenanigans!
is the sixty-fourth installment for the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly.

Featured Articles

  • Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer
  • 15 Hilarious Youtube Videos Under 15 seconds Long
  • Smosh ROCKS Vidcon 2012

Mari's Questions

  1. Did you ever watch Dora the Explorer?
  2. Kiss/kill/marry/"do it": Barney, Dora, Teletubby, and Bob the Builder?
  3. Would you eat a vanilla covered bull testicle for $100?
  4. Sweet or Salty?


  1. Did you get any Legos at Vidcon? Any Star Wars? Yes and yep
  2. Exactly how tall are you? 5'2 barefoot, 5'7 with platforms

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