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March 30, 2012 (Smosh)
April 1, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, naked/topless woman

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N1PPLES ON YOUTUBE! is a Smosh video uploaded on March 30, 2012.


After spotting and teasing Ian about playing with a bouncy ball with a nipple on it, the two wonder whether or not they're allowed to show nipples on YouTube, all the while trying to determine if the nipple is a woman's or a man's...


Ian is playing with his new bouncy ball when Anthony comes in and asks him what it is. Ian says that it's his new bouncy ball. At first Anthony laughs, but then notices that the ball has a nipple on it and becomes horrified. Anthony admits that Ian does have "trouble with the ladies" but calls him pathetic for even playing with a nipple ball. Ian offers the ball to Anthony, and he refuses. Ian tries to coax Anthony into playing with it, saying it looks like a salami.

Anthony tells Ian to stop and covers up the nipple with his hands. Anthony then asks if they're even allowed to show it on YouTube. Ian says that the ball couldn't be a woman's nipple, but it could possibly either be a man's nipple or a dog's nipple. Anthony remarks that it would be okay to show a man's nipple. A woman whose nipples are censored asks if it's okay to show her nipples, to which Ian and Anthony shout "NO!" in response. Ian also points out that they even show cow nipples and people milking them on YouTube. Anthony, confused, asks how Ian would even know that. Ian pushes a bucket of fresh milk behind him onto the floor and replies, "Research."

Anthony tells Ian that either way, it's still pathetic that Ian's even playing with the nipple ball, and leaves. He then momentarily pops back into the room yelling at Ian "GET RID OF IT!". Ian promises "Nipple Ball" that he'll find it "a loving home." He says that he'll make sure Nipple Ball travels with comfort, and gets a box with bubble wrap in it. He says that they can visit in the summer and spend holidays together and wanders back into the living room.


New thumbnail, which replaced the old one in a week and is its current one.

Ian walks in on Anthony squeezing Nipple Ball, saying "That's what they feel like". He defensively claims that he's checking it for dirt, Ian then realizes that if the nipple ball is a woman's nipple, then it would be censored. But since it's not censored, then it must be a man's nipple. Anthony drops the nipple ball in disgust. Ian continues to tell Anthony that he's allowed to show his nipple (and lifts up his shirt to prove it) and not have it censored. Anthony says that he can too, but when he lifts up his shirt, his nipples are censored. Ian has a shocked look on his face, and Anthony says "Like 'em? I just got them." Ian doesn't understand what he meant by "just got them," and Anthony says that it's obvious that he stole them. The girl from earlier comes in wearing bandages that are bleeding through where her nipples should have been and yells at Anthony to give her nipples back. Anthony replies, "NEVER!"

Deleted Scene

When Anthony tells Ian that he has trouble with the ladies, Ian disagrees with him. Three flashbacks show a lady slapping him and doesn't want to see Ian again, another lady slapping him for playing a computer game on the first date, and a man slapping for Ian thinking he sounds like a man.

Alternate Ending #1

When Anthony showed Ian his woman nipples, Anthony responded, "Jealous? Bitch!"

Alternate Ending #2

When Anthony showed Ian his woman nipples, they were both surprised and Ian said, "Everything makes sense now."

Alternate Ending #3 When Anthony showed Ian his woman nipples, Ian responded, "Jealous!"

Alternate Ending #4

When the woman wanted her nipples back, Anthony replied, "Finders keepers!"

Alternate Ending #5

When Anthony showed Ian his woman nipples, Ian mentally grabbed them.

Alternate Ending #6

When Anthony showed Ian his woman nipples, Ian was surprised and said, "Never saw that one coming.". The screen then says, "Smosh: using the censored bar since 2005".




  • The "Nipple Ball" was received from an episode of Mailtime With Smosh, like various other Smosh props like the Death Note from REAL DEATH NOTE! and the Voodoo Dolls from REAL VOODOO DOLL!
  • When Anthony walks through the arch to his room, there is a Nyan Cat sticker on side of the kitchen counter.
    El Smosh N1pples on youtube

    El Smosh thumbnail

    The sticker was recieved during Mailtime with Smosh as well.
  • Ian's "NO GURLZ ALLOWED" sign is still there from SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!
  • This is another Smosh video that is under 5-6 minutes long, lasting approximately 2:32.
  • When Anthony came into the room, you can see he was playing "Draw Something" on his iPhone. The game itself has played a major part in I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!
  • Just three hours after the video was uploaded, multiple viewers flagged the video for review. YouTube soon placed a permanent age-restriction on the video, requiring users to be signed in to an account registered to a holder over 18 years of age. Underage viewers, and those without accounts, were still able to circumvent the block using a variety of methods, from simply viewing on to hardcore URL hacks, extensions and fake accounts to view on YouTube unrestricted.
    • The El Smosh dub was also flagged and age-restricted the following Sunday, making it the first El Smosh video to be restricted.
  • The video's initial reception was overwhelmingly negative with a large amount of dislikes that outweighed its likes. Currently the amount of dislikes has gone down to just 9% of the majority.
    • This is the fourth video uploaded by Smosh overall to be restricted by YouTube to account holders of ages 18 and over (the other three being Part 3 of Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes, the uncensored version of HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!, and Breaking the Habit).
    • Later in the video's lifecycle, the thumbnail was changed, leading to the YouTube age restriction being revoked.
      • Viewers of the Spanish El Smosh version are still being age screened by YouTube.
  • The thumbnail in Smosh show only the woman's nipples being censored, but the thumbnail on YouTube was completely censored, showing nothing but "CENSORED" written in white words on a black background.
  • The nipple ball was used in an episode of Lunchtime with Smosh where the nipple was cut off and stuck onto a laptop.

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing! My nipples are totally showing right now! And I like it!

Shut Up! Opening

Ew! You can see his nipples through his shirt! Gross! SHUT UP!


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