(Ian starts to record his voice)

Ian: I just went through puberty and this is my new voice.

(He stopped record and made an edit to make it sound deeper which made him laugh)

Anthony: Hey man!

Ian: What the hell is that thing?

Anthony: Oh! It's my pet Pikachu. I found him digging in the trash outside. Say hi Pikachu.

"Pikachu": ("Pikachu" talked like he was confused) Uh! Pikachu!

Anthony: Dude, could you imagine all the awesome things we could do with him.

Ian: Like what?

Anthony: Like, have him make breakfast.

(Before showing any of the things "Pikachu" could do, Anthony says, "My Pet Pikachu!" with the activity)

Pikachu Makes Breakfast

(Anthony pulls out a piece of bread)

Anthony: Toast me Pikachu!

("Pikachu" says his name and toasts the bread with a jolt of lightning)

Anthony: Awesome!

Ian: Quick! Egg me Pikachu!

("Pikachu" does the same for Ian except with an egg and the yolk splashes on his face)

Ian: Awesome!

Back in real life

Anthony: And I bet he'll be the best for waking me up for school.

Pikachu Wakes Me Up

(Anthony wakes up at 6:00 A.M and presses the snooze button on the clock while also falling back to sleep.)

(The "Pikachu" says his nickname and sends a spark of lightning to Anthony's head which wakes him up)

Anthony: Ow! What the hell Pikachu! At least shock me somewhere that isn't my freaking face.

(The "Pikachu" says his nickname and sends a spark of lightning to Anthony's private)

Anthony: Ow! What---- That didn't actually feel half bad. Again!

(The "Pikachu" keeps on saying his nickname and sends a spark of lightning to Anthony's private after Anthony says, "Again!" which Ian doesn't like what he is seeing as he is peeking through the door.)

Back in real life

Ian: Oh! I bet Pikachu would be great at unclogging my toilet.

Pikachu Unclogs the Toilet

Ian: Pikachu, use Plunging attack!

(Ian holds "Pikachu's" hand and acts it like it is a plunger)

Ian: Yeah! Plung it! Plung harder! Plung it!

When the job was done

Ian: You did it Pikachu!

("Pikachu" with the dirty hand high-fived Ian)

Back in real life

Ian: What! It worked; didn't it?

Anthony: Oh! I bet he could help when I lose the remote.

Pikachu As A Remote

(Anthony watches what sounds like a scene in the Hunger Games and doesn't like it)

Anthony: (Sighing) Quick, change the channel Pikachu.

("Pikachu" sends a spark of lightning after saying his nickname to the television and burns it)

Anthony: Ah! Quick, neutralize the fire! Use Discharge!

Back in real life

Ian: Gross! He has a move called Discharge?

Anthony: Can you just let me finish my fantasy?!

Back in the fantasy

Anthony: Use Discharge!

("Pikachu" sends a Discharge attack after saying his name)

Ian: Have you been looking for this remote because I... (He gets astonish and tries to move back) What is that?

Anthony: Just move out of the way.

Ian: No! Dude it; dude it's coming right at me. It's coming at me. It's coming. It won't stop coming!

Anthony: Watch out!

Ian: Nooo! Nooooooo! (Ian gets hit by the attack and dies)

Back in real life

Ian: Well that sucked! Oh! What if he helped me out on a date?

Pikachu Helps On A Date

Ian: So, you have a good time?

Date: Let me just make it clear. Your weird...

Ian: Yeah.

Date: you have hair shaped like a bowl...

Ian: I know!

Date: you have a really creepy stare...

Ian: (Shows a creepy stare) What are you talking about?

Date: and overall you're just really ugly.

Ian: It's not my fault; I got the ugly jeans from my dad. Look! (Shows his left leg with the jeans on) Ugly; right?!

Date: Not to mention that you take that stupid Pikachu everywhere you go.

("Pikachu" gets angry)

Date: So did I have a good time, uh no! Not a...

("Pikachu" sends a thunder shock at the date and kills her)

Ian: (Breathes heavily) Thanks Pikachu.

("Pikachu" eats the piece of cake)

Deleted Clip

Ian: You want some of our cake? Okay! I was going to scarf and barf it anyway.


Anthony: Yup! This Pikachu is going to change our lives.

Ian: Wait! This Pikachu looks familiar.

Anthony: Oh my God! He's not a Pikachu; he's that bum that stole my Pikachu costume!

At a previous time

Anthony: Oh man! I'm going to get so many chicks with this thing!

(The bum uses his knife to shank Anthony and steal the Pikachu costume as the narrator says SHANK'D!)

In the present

(The bum pulls out a knife and shanks both Ian and Anthony and leaves as the narrator says DOUBLE SHANK'D!)

(Both Ian and Anthony were breathing heavily)

Ian: We got shanked so hard.

(Ian recorded the voice and made it sound deeper which made both of them laugh.)

Ian: This thing is so freaking funny!

Anthony: Yeah! Shanks for the laugh!

(They both laugh until they died for laughing)

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