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November 16, 2012 (Smosh)
November 18, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, guy in Pikachu costume, Ian's date

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My Pet Pikachu is a Smosh video uploaded on November 16, 2012.



Ian is playing with a recorder that repeats everything he says in a deeper voice. He tells it, "I just went through puberty and this is my new voice!". The recorder repeats it deeper and Ian laughs. Anthony comes in and Ian asks him about the thing next to him. Anthony tells Ian it's his new pet Pikachu that he found in the garbage outside. He tells Pikachu to say hi, who says, "Uh...Pikachu." Anthony asks Ian to imagine the things they could now do with it.

My Pet Pikachu Makes Breakfast

Anthony holds a piece of bread and asks Pikachu to toast him. Pikachu releases a bolt of electricity that toasts the bread. Anthony says, "Awesome!" Ian asks Pikachu to do the same to his egg, but when Pikachu uses an electric attack on the egg, the yolk splashes into Ian's face. Ian says, "Awesome!"

My Pet Pikachu Wakes Me Up for School

Anthony's alarm rings at 6:00 am. Anthony hits the snooze button, and Pikachu shocks him in the face, jolting him to consciousness. Anthony gets mad and tells it to shock him somewhere that isn't his face, so Pikachu shocks his groin. Anthony begins to get mad, but realizes it didn't feel that bad and asks Pikachu to shock him in the groin repeatedly. Ian opens the door, sees the scene, and begins to hyperventilate.

My Pet Pikachu Unclogs the Toilet

Ian is in the bathroom with Pikachu and tells Pikachu to use "Plunger attack," making it thrust its arm in and out of the toilet while Pokemon battle music plays. The toilet is unclogged, and Ian and Pikachu share a high-five (although Pikachu's hand is covered in feces) and a message comes up saying, "Enemy toilet was unclogged!" while "victory music" from Pokemon plays. When the scene fades out, Anthony looks at Ian strangely, prompting Ian to remind him it worked.

My Pet Pikachu as a Remote


Anthony is watching what appears to be The Hunger Games, gets annoyed, and asks "Pikachu" to change the channel. "Pikachu" releases a spark onto the television that causes it to catch fire. Anthony asks "Pikachu" to use Discharge to put out the flames. The scene cuts to Ian's disgust at a move called Discharge, and Anthony asks to let him finish. The scene cuts back to "Pikachu" releasing a spark again from his face, when Ian comes up with the remote. Ian becomes scared when the spark approaches him. Anthony tells him to move out of the way, but Ian is scared that it's coming at him, moving backward as the spark slowly approaches him. Anthony tells him nonchalantly to watch out. Ian screams as the spark finally reaches him, electrocuting him. When the scene cuts out, Ian tells Anthony that sucked.

My Pet Pikachu Helps on a Date

Ian asked his date if she had a good time. The date put it straight saying that he's weird, has hair shape like a bowl which Ian likes, a creepy stare which Ian doesn't understand, and overall that he is ugly. Ian mentioned that he got ugly jeans from his dad showing it to her. The date also mentioned about the "Pikachu" he brings and answers "No!", which made "Pikachu" kill her. Ian thanks "Pikachu" and the "Pokemon" eats the cake.

Deleted Clip

Ian asked "Pikachu" if he wants some cake because Ian was going to scarf and barf it anyway.


Anthony says Pikachu will change their lives, but Ian takes a closer look and realizes Pikachu looks familiar. Anthony realizes it was a bum who stole his Pikachu costume. Anthony is then seen in a flashback holding the costume, commenting how it will get him a lot of chicks when the bum shanks him and steals the costume. (Shank'd!) The "Pikachu" pulls out a knife and stabs Ian and Anthony and runs away. (Double Shank'd!) Ian says, "We got shank'd so hard!" and his recorder repeats the phrase in the deep voice. Ian and Anthony laugh about how funny the recorder is. Anthony remarks, "Shanks [thanks] for the laugh!" and the boys laugh before a memorial message comes up saying they died from "crappy puns."


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  • It is revealed that Anthony doesn't go to school from "THAT'S HOT!".
  • During Ian's date, you can see yellow liquid in the drink glasses, meaning they're drinking pee or lemon juice.
  • The tape recorder Ian uses is a Tiger Talkboy.
  • The Pikachu from the thumbnail looks like the one in PokePark.
  • When it says "Double Shank'd!", the words flash red and blue rapidly. This is a possible reference to the rapid motions of red and blue in the banned 38th episode of Pokemon caused by Pikachu's electric attacks, which had given seizures to over 700 Japanese children.
    • This is the second time the video is referenced, the first being "REJECTED VIDEOS!".
  • Anthony apparently wakes up at 6:00 am.
  • A Pikachu is 1'4" which a small dog could even play as Pikachu.
  • El Smosh's version comes out the same day as the Wii U as metioned in "Wii U Sports is Awesome!".
    • It also comes out the same day as the Disney Movie Sophia the First, Once Upon A Princess.
  • The slow motion in the discharge is similar to the one with the laser in "I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY!".
  • This episode comes out the same day as Breaking Dawn Part 2 as mentioned in a fake sequel of "STUPID MOVIE SEQUELS."
  • The Smosh crew were right for calling the "Pikachu" him because male Pikachus have a straight end at the tail while females have a heart-shape end (top).
  • The knife was similar to the blade for a secret attack in "ULTIMATE ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 SONG."

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