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July 18, 2014 (Smosh)
July 20, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, his mom (mentioned), Anthony

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Ian and Anthony trade morning routines! Watch and learn how you can be just as fabulous as them!



Ian and Anthony explain that they switch their morning routines to prove who has the better one.

Anthony's morning routine

Waking Up

Anthony normally has his puppy jump on his bed to wake him up. After being woken, Anthony thinks about the infinite universe and how small and insignificant his life is. Ian feels miserable afterwards.

Dream Journal :)

Anthony normally writes down all of his dreams in his dream journal and calls his mother and tells her the worst one. Ian didn't want to make a call, but Anthony says he has to. The call was almost completely censored.

Brushing My Teeth

Anthony makes sure that he brushes his teeth until he has a "bright red" smile thinking "if it bleeds, it's clean." Ian humorously brushes his teeth until his gums are completely covered in blood and then Ian gives a smile.

Combing My Hair

Anthony like to use a rusty fork to comb. Ian uses the comb causing his brain to feel funny. Anthony also states that tetanus is marvelous for your roots.


Anthony states that he puts on his hat. Ian asked if that was all which Anthony agreed. Ian thought this was easy until Anthony states that he then staples his testicles to the ground. Ian screams while wondering why he's doing it.

Drinking Coffee (Deleted Scene)

Anthony thinks that coffee is his life while also thinking he's a coffee snob, which he considers a complement. Ian wondered if Anthony only drinks coffee. Additionally, Anthony becomes stricter by saying that he doesn't add milk, sugar, nor mini marshmallows and just drinks the coffee itself. Ian feels miserable as he drinks and spills the entire coffee pot.

Ian's morning routine

Getting Hydrated

Ian knows about drinking eight glasses of water per day, so he drinks it all at once to get it out of the way. Anthony falls back to sleep after doing so.

Getting Dressed

Ian irons his clothes by putting his clothes on and using the iron afterwards instead of an using an ironing board. The iron burnt Anthony and caused a stain on his shirt.

Taking a Shower

Anthony starts to get scared of taking a "luxurious" shower. During the summer, Ian takes a shower using hot summer coconut exfoliating body scrub with antioxidants and acai kale and qinuoa extracts. Anthony thought it wasn't so bad. However, Ian also closes his pores using ice-cold water to prevent microbiotic bacteria from eating him. Anthony didn't like the cold water.

Morning Poop

Ian states that he holds his poop in all day which Anthony questions. Ian also states that he eats lots of beans and extra strength X-Lax. Someone forces Anthony to eat the beans and drink down X-Lax causing what sounds like an explosion in the bathroom.

Creating a Beautiful Smile (Deleted Scene)

Ian states that before leaving the bathroom, he chews on aluminum foil for a few minutes straight. Anthony knows he can't do that due to his metal fillings. However, Ian doesn't have metal fillings so Anthony feels pain after chewing the foil.


Anthony states that's it for their routines and hopes the viewers learned something that'll improve theirs. Ian still stuck to the ground tells them to visit them next time for the afternoon routines. They wave good-bye as words appear thanking the viewers for viewing the routines.


My Morning Routine/Script


  • In the waking up segment, a slight whimper from Fido (Anthony's Dog) can be heard making it obvious that the dog was thrown into the bed rather than having jumped on it.
  • During the "Dream Journal" part when Ian is talking on a phone, after the twelfth bleep, the word "Bananarama" is covering his mouth instead of the usual "Censored". The word "Bananarama" was first used in Stop Copying Me!, and then used again in Scribblenauts in Real Life.
  • In the "Morning Poop" scene, when Anthony says "What?!" in shock, you can see he's not wearing any pants, and there's a Smosh logo rug to the right of the room.
  • The beeping sound heard in the Shut Up! Opening was previously heard as Ian's alarm tone in Google Glass Sucks!.
  • Anthony is wearing the leopard skin pajamas seen in many previous videos.
  • It is illogical and stupid to staple ones testicles to the ground. However, due to the nature of the video, it is fitting for Ian to do so.

Shut Up! Opening

(digital alarm clock beeping) SHUT UP!



Anthony Padilla as himself
Ian Hecox as himself
Griffin the dog as Anthony's puppy


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