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My Mom's AMAZING Video!
My Mom's Amazing Video


June 4, 2010 (Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Ian's mom

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My Mom's AMAZING Video! is a Smosh video uploaded on June 4, 2010. Anthony and Ian help Ian's mom make a video to join the Butterfinger Defense League.



Anthony is sitting on the couch when Ian places some paper on Anthony's lap. Ian tells Anthony that it's a love letter from that hot girl in Anthony's yoga class. Anthony is initially excited until he reads it. Ian truthfully says that it's a script for a video his mom wants to make and who wants them to be in it. The reason Ian's Mom wants to do the video is because she wants to win a contest to be a part of the Butterfinger Defense League and get a cash prize of $20,000 to buy a recording studio so she can make a record/album, since it's her lifelong dream. Ian's Mom gives them a sample of her singing and the boys love it. At first Anthony is skeptical about the video, but gets excited when Ian's mom offers to buy them milkshakes afterward.

Ian's Mom's Video


Ian's Mom's Unique Skill - Pink Flamingo Attack: 3 Situations You Will Almost Certainly Encounter in Your Life and if You Didn't Know How to Get Out of These Situations You Would Be Very Sad. Written and Directed by Ian's Mom.

Situation #1: Kitchen Thieves

The bandits (Ian and Anthony) demand her to give them the Butterfinger bar. Ian's mom attacks them with a pink lawn flamingo. The bandits taunt her for missing, but it later flies to hit Ian's arm. Anthony screams, "Oh my goodness!" in Spanish.

Ian's mom advice: With practice and just the right touch, lawn flamingos make great boomerangs.

Situation #2: Candy Bandits

Ian says good bye to his mom who tells her that there are "wild candy bandits in the field and they are grass type bandits and they're weak against fire attacks." Ian's mom starts to give Ian a kiss good-bye, but Ian struggles to get out of it. As Ian's mom runs through a playground, a bandit (Anthony) tells Ian's mom to hand over the Butterfinger Bar or else. Ian's mom asks "Or else What?". Anthony says" Or i'll flick your the nipple!" Ian's mom says that she doesn't care, which prompts the bandit to flick Ian's nipple. Ian's Mom throws the flamingo in retaliation at the bandit, who screams and runs away. The flamingo hits Ian's other nipple.

Ian's mom advice: NEVER negotiate with terrorists.

Situation #3: ALIENS!!!!

Two aliens (Ian and Anthony) threatens that if Ian's Mom doesn't give them the Butterfinger bar, she will face destruction. Ian's Mom pours water at Alien Anthony who dies because he's weak against water, "that and lizard rabies." Alien Ian taunts her by saying "Ha! You missed me!" before he is hit by a flamingo.

Ian's mom advice: 90% of aliens have a weakness to water even though that really makes no sense because why would you come to a world full of something that could kill you? That's like humans inhabiting a world full of lava.


Ian's mom is standing in front of an American Flag background with Ian humming the national anthem in the background.

And that is why I should be the fourth member of the Butterfinger Defense League 'cause nobody's gonna lay a finger on my butterfinger.


The three finish watching the video and Ian's mom starts to read the instructions of how to submit the video. It says she has to go to to submit the video. However, she asks about the mailing address because the video is on a VHS tape before Ian tells her that she needs to upload it on the website. But then she discovers that the video has to be under 60 seconds long. Despite this, Ian's mom buys them milkshakes as promised, during which Milky Milkshake plays until Ian gets hit with a lawn flamingo.


  • This is the first time Ian's mom is a main character.
  • Lizard Rabies is mentioned again in this episode as it first appeared in Lizard Rabies!
  • The alien's (and Anthony's) water weakness is mentioned again in this episode.
  • If you look at Anthony during Situation 3 during the part where Ian's mom says "That's like humans inhabiting a planet full of lava," you can see Anthony's antlers fall off and begins to chuckle before cutting into the next scene.
  • Running Gag: Ian's Mom throwing a lawn flamingo at Ian.
    • The lawn flamingo is actually Benny Jean's  pet flamingo.
    • In Situation 2, When Ian says " There are wild candy bandits in the fields! And they are grass type bandits and they are weak against fire attacks." to his mom, it is a parody of Grass type Pokemon being weak to Fire Types attacks.

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