Ian is talking with his online girlfriend (Tiffany) on Skype. Her face is never shown, only her belly button.

Ian: Look, Tiffany, it's been six months! You promised me you'd show me your face by now!

Tiffany: Yeah... Uh- I don't know...

Ian: Tiffany, look. You know I hate arguing with you, 'cuz I love you so much. Just, please! SHOW ME YOUR FACE!

Tiffany: Okay, fine. Jus- Just I gotta fix my hair, okay? I- I'll be right back, promise. *she moves away from the webcam*

Ian: Awesome! *he takes a box with a ring from his pocket and starts talking to himself while Tiffany is gone* You're gonna make such a beautiful wife...

Tiffany: *gets back in front of the Skype camera* Hey, you ready?

Ian: Yes!

Tiffany: Here I co-o-o-me!

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