My Bobblehead is Evil!
My Bobblehead is Evil
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January 11, 2013 (Smosh)
January 13, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian and Anthony (both human and bobblehead version)

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My Bobblehead is Evil! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 11th, 2013.

Brief Syponsis: Anthony gets a bobblehead of himself on Ian's birthday, but the bobblehead wants Anthony to kill Ian.


When Anthony in the house, Anthony realized that today was Ian's birthday forgetting to give him a present thinking Ian will kill him. All of the sudden, Ian turned on the lights surprising Anthony on his birthday. Ironically, Ian had planned a surprise birthday party for Anthony, which showed that Ian doesn't really know how surprise parties work. Ian managed to even give Anthony a birthday present, which turned out to be a bobblehead version of himself standing on a Smosh pedestal. Anthony thought the present was creepy. Ian said that he got from someone in Chinatown which he heard him say to be careful with it because it is cursed, but Ian didn't know about it. Ian also said that he wanted the face to look really, really accurate. Ian did that by taking a picture of him while Anthony was sleeping. While Ian was talking, Anthony heard creepy noises from the doll and even the saying to kill Ian in a possessed voice. Anthony asked Ian if he heard the noise which Ian questioned about it. Anthony told him that the noise was a creepy whisper that sound like a cliched demon voice from a scary movie. Ian said that he didn't hear the which Anthony told Ian to not worry about it and he left to his room. Ian wanted to know where Anthony was going because Ian made him a cake saying "Conglaturations Anthony, It's Ian's Birthday". Ian wanted Anthony to sing with him which the first part of the lyrics were on the cake, but in second person interpreting the song to Anthony.

As Ian kept singing while Anthony was in his room, Anthony thought that Ian was such an idiot which the bobbhead doll agreed saying that Ian sure is an idiot. Anthony wanted to know what the doll said which the doll thought Anthony should kill Ian and laughs evilly. Anthony then checks on Ian from his room to find him literally stuffing his face in Anthony's cake. He asked if he fumigated the house Anthony thinks he isn't thinking straight which Ian said that he didn't. The doll told Anthony again to kill Ian. Horrified by the doll's bloodlust, Anthony speaks to himself saying to ignore the doll because it isn't real. The doll replied once more to kill Ian. Anthony spoke in his thoughts saying that the doll is speaking through his imagination which the doll heard his thoughts saying that he isn't in his imagination. The doll that he can hear his thoughts because the doll is a part of Anthony being the darkness Anthony doesn't want to let out. The doll used expressions with yin and yang and also Bella and Edward and the doll said that Anthony must kill Ian and laughs. Anthony disagrees by taking the doll and wraps it in a sheet which gets thrown into a waste basket which Anthony buries and covers by filling the hole with soil and pouring concrete on it.

Anthony relaxes on his bed, thankful for his doll's burial, as Ian stops by and reports to Anthony that he'd be showering himself after eating the cake. Suddenly, the doll returns having Anthony scared and continues to try and persuade Anthony into murdering Ian, but says to do it while Ian bathes himself. The doll asked if Ian was really his best friend because he's stupid which Anthony knows that Ian means well. The doll even points out all the bad things Ian has done to him in the past, such as stealing his Go-Gurts and singing crappy shower songs. At this point, Anthony is finally convinced to kill Ian once for all and threw the doll on the bed. the doll thought Anthony trying to kill Ian was excellent and laugh evilly.

In the bathroom, Ian was singing in the shower while wearing a shirt about him being the best and that one day soon, he would touch a breast. The doll planned Anthony to electrocute Ian by throwing a toaster into the shower. Anthony asked if the toaster will kill him which the doll agreed saying that he saw it in a movie. When Ian notices Anthony's voice, he begins to talk about how excited he is for the cool present Anthony will be giving him on his birthday. As Anthony winds up his toaster throw, he finally gives in at the last second. The doll asked Anthony what he was doing and to finish Ian off. He says that despite Ian's stupidity he'd never do something like this to Anthony. When Ian ran out of shampoo, he told Anthony to get him dish washing soap or something else. Anthony also that he just can't kill Ian and throws the toaster away. Realizing that Anthony has rejected him once more, the doll states that if Anthony didn't kill Ian he'd kill the both of them with a knife, which Anthony refuses to believe. Anthony wants to see the doll try by taking away the knife and brings the doll to his bedroom.

In his bedroom, Anthony takes his doll and begins to keep on punching the head of the doll and hitting the doll with a lamp on his bed never wanting to kill Ian. As Ian walks out of the shower and witnesses the fight, he thinks Anthony is playing with the doll. The doll tells Anthony that since the doll is a part of Anthony, it'll keep on convincing Anthony to kill Ian. Afterward, Anthony decides to end this once and for all, taking his doll and the toaster and running into the shower in slow motion, causing him to get quickly electrocuted and die. The doll even exploded his head from the electrocution.

In disbelief Ian calls out for Anthony, and realizing his best friend has died (let alone it being his fault). He falls to his knees crying and mourning Anthony's death. He cries all the way into a room, where his crying turns into evil laughter. It turns out that he had been sent out by his own bobblehead version to get Anthony to believe he was so stupid he would kill himself. Ian's doll is impressed with Ian's work, but after a long silence he mentions that the silence was awkward.

Alternate Ending

After Ian and the bobblehead version of him laughed for Anthony dying, the head of the bobblehead fell out which the bobblehead said "OH SH**!"

Alternate Scene #1

In the shower, Ian asked if Anthony is still in the bathroom because his hair ran out of conditioner so his hair doesn't look like crap.

Alternate Scene #2

When Anthony received the bobblehead, Ian asked about the chances of getting one saying that it is like a doll form of Anthony, except with a huge head. Ian said that it is kind of like Anthony is a baby, except he isn't. Ian interprets himself as a baby saying he is a baby with bobbly head.


My Bobblehead is Evil!/Script


  • Anthony couldn't have died in the shower with the toaster, it wasn't plugged in. This error happened previously in Rejected Videos! and Anthony's Death
  • As pointed out in the description and on, The Ian and Anthony Bobbleheads are available on the Smosh Store through DistrictLines. Both are sold together, separately, and autographed (limited edition).
  • This episode is slightly similar to Real Voodoo Doll!, as in both episodes Anthony and Ian receive toy versions of themselves and eventually put themselves in danger of death.
  • Anthony's expression on the video's thumbnail slightly resembles his expression on the thumbnail for My Pet Pikachu.
  • After Anthony buries his doll and he is seen on his bed, he still has his Pikachu pillow from videos like Paranormal Easy Bake Oven!
  • The day after the video was uploades, Smosh passed RayWilliamJohnson to become the most subscribed channel for the third and final time.
  • The bobbleheads are available at the Smosh Merch.
  • During the live stream, Ian and Anthony created a mad lib based on this video.

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing. (laughs evilly) Aaaah, this is awkward again.

Shut Up! Opening

Anthony: Do you have any ideas for what we can say here?

Ian: Nope. SHUT UP!



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