is the twenty second cartoon to air on Shut Up! Cartoons. The first episode came out on November 13, 2013. Munroe replaced Paper Cuts for the Wednesday time slot.


Munroe works for a top secret government agency. His mission? To stop the international terrorist organization known as the GROUP OF EVIL. Join Munroe on his adventures every Wednesday only on Shut Up! Cartoons.

Theme Song


Hey guys, have you checked your e-mail


Oh, that's not fair at all

Munroe! Munroe! Munroe!

You wouldn't like it if it happened to you



The protagonist of the series. He is a secret agent who works on gadget missions. His brother, David Munroe, was a double agent for the Group of Evil, and was killed by Meatjack.

The Colonel

He is a confused alcoholic which causes him to lose his perception of reality and his tact.


RPG is the head of the Disguise Department. She looks like a giant mutant pig, and is thought to be wearing a costume. In truth, she revealed that she really is a mutant pig in Episode 4. She and Munroe eventually fall in love.

Suicide Watch

Watch works in weapon control and as such is the designer and remote activator for the equipment Munroe uses.


The mastermind behind the Group of Evil. He has the ability to regenerate any sort of physical damage done to him within seconds.

Lady Doom


Based off of the trailer's comments and ratings, the show showed promise for viewers but they would have preferred other shows to be continued instead.


After every saying, Ian says, "SHUT UP!" followed by Munroe saying "Cartoons".

  1. Rescue the Scientist, Munroe: "This is outrageous. I am calling my lawyer."
  2. Would You Like Some Candy?: "Ohohohoh ahahah, butterscotch."
  3. The Shadow of Shadowsnake: "Dress me up you goofy pig."
  4. Somebody Peed on Munroe's Food: "Woo woo woo! Bird face, nice nose..."
  5. Munroe in the Pink Topaz Dimension: "Sometimes, being one way isn't enough."
  6. Munroe in Space: "I thought we agreed I only do gadget missions from now on.
  7. Munroe and the Instinct Machine: "You sound like a rose breasted cockatoo."
  8. Meatjack's Head Blows Off: "As long as it won't explode in my stomach."
  9. Who's the Real Me: "Okay, I'm starting to believe you're not really me."
  10. Government Shutdown: "Couldn't read a book. Save your, save your lives. iPad. Throw in an apple."

List of Episodes

# Name Length Released
1 Rescue the Scientist, Munroe 3:27 November 13, 2013
2 Would You Like Some Candy? 4:05 November 20, 2013
3 The Shadow of Shadowsnake 4:02 November 27, 2013
4 Somebody Peed on Munroe's Food 3:32 December 4, 2013
5 Munroe in the Pink Topaz Dimension 4:31 December 11, 2013
6 Munroe in Space 3:42 December 18, 2013
7 Munroe and the Instinct Machine 3:48 December 25, 2013
8 Meatjack's Head Blows Off 3:38 January 1, 2014
9 Who's the Real Me 3:27 January 8, 2014
10 Government Shutdown 3:48 January 15, 2014

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