Ms. Hugsalot is Ian's stuffed teddy bear in So Many Hickeys! and Smosh Babies.


The Rise of the Bread Head (Smosh Babies)

Ms. Hugsalot appears while Ian and his mom are driving in a car. Mrs. Hecox is complaining to someone on the phone about Ian such as she is pretty sure his son is in love with Ms. Hugsalot. Ian then explains that he is not in love with her and they are just good friends, even though he says they might "be something more if it all works out" and then kisses Ms. Hugsalot. When Ian's mom drops him off at the daycare, Ms. Hugsalot falls towards the window as Ian's Mom drives off and Ian cries. Later in the episode, Ian explains to Anthony that he takes Ms. Hugsalot and humps her until he falls asleep.

The New Girl (Smosh Babies)

Although the bear did not make an appearance, it was mentioned that Ian chose Penny over Ms. Hugsalot, saying the relationship is more of a "friends with benefits" deal.

So Many Hickeys!

Ms. Hugsalot

Grandma holding the bear so she can show the forbidden kiss.

Ms. Hugsalot makes her first live action appearance in a Smosh video. During this debut, Anthony's grandmother (Maggie Adair Upton) does the Louisiana Steamboat kiss on Ms. Hugsalot to explain to Anthony and Ian what the kiss is. Later in the video, when Ian wakes up, he is seen holding Ms. Hugsalot in his hand.

The Baby Sitter (Smosh Babies)

Ms. Hugsalot was transformed into a robot to baby-sit, and to prevent Ian and Anthony from getting into Ian's mom's candy drawer (which was later revealed to be full of drugs).