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September 12, 2014 (Smosh)
September 14, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, various movie characters

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Obviously, drugs are bad and you shouldn't do them. Movies on drugs? Also bad. Really, really bad.



An obvious disclaimer shows the drugs are obviously bad and the viewers obviously shouldn't do them, obviously.

Spider-Man on Alcohol

Spider-Man (Ian) talks to Mary Jane (Anthony) that she has a knack for getting herself into trouble. Mary while drunk states that Spider-Man has a knack for saving her. She wanted to kiss him, but she accidentally vomited on him. Spider-Man then screams in fear.

Extended Scene

After Spider-Man screamed, Mary thought that he was a good kisser.

Rocky on Ecstasy

Rocky Balboa (Anthony) on ecstasy thought Apollo Creed's (Brian Marshall) skin felt so good which hugging him. Apollo wants Rocky off of him. Rocky then tastes Apollo and thought that his sweat taste like rainbows.

Titanic on Acid

Rose (Ian) wants Jack (Anthony) to paint her like one of his French girls which he accepted to do. However, Jack is on acid causing the painting to look like something demonic. Rose questioned on giving him an A for effort.

Marvel Studios' The Avengers on Cocaine

Tony Stark (Anthony) feels awesome in cocaine and decides to fly. Steve Rogers (Ian) thought Tony needed his Iron Man suit for that, but Tony decided not to wear the suit. Tony then jumps down the building and dies after landing. Steve thought for sure that Tony needed his suit.

The Notebook on Weed

Noah Calhoun (Anthony) on weed what Allison Hamilton (Ian) and him are doing. Allison wonders if in another life that she could be a bird. Noah states that she's a human being, but Allison stated that the question was meant as a metaphor. Due to Noah's short-term memory, he wondered what they were talking about. Allison just decided to leave him alone.

Batman on Meth

Alfred Pennyworth (Anthony) wondered what happened to the Batmobile. Batman (Ian) comes along while lying that he didn't sell for the huge bag of "Bat-meth". He sniffs the meth, shouts at Alfred, and then runs away.

The Fault in Our Stars on Laughing Gas

Augustus Walters (Ian) states to Hazel Lancaster (Anthony) that his cancer came back. Since Hazel is on laughing gas, she just laughed noticing that her mother, Frannie (Anthony) switched her tank again. Frannie said that Hazel was correct as she laughed too.

Predator on Jenkem

The Predator (Anthony) sniffs in a bag of "Jenkem". All of the sudden, Dutch (Ian) states that the Predator isn't sniffing on a real bag but is sniffing on a bag of dogsh*t.

28 Days Later on Bath Salts

Jim (Anthony) starts to run away from a "zombie" (Ian) until it grabs him wanting for help. However, the "zombie" states that he's just a guy high on bath salts. Jim thought that was sweet which the other guy agreed which he then keeps on biting Jim causing him to panic.

Twilight on Shrooms (Deleted Scene)

Some guy (Ian) states that Bella (Ian) is f***ing a bat due to being on shrooms. Another guy (Anthony) asked if anyone could blame her. Bella tells the bat to kiss her like Spider-Man which the first guy questioned.


So the two producers (Ian and Anthony) state to the kids to never do drugs because they're stupid. The second producer starts to give out a lesson, but then noticing Batman taking the television. Batman just stated that he was Batman and took the television. The singers then play the Batman theme, but called the show "Batmeth".


Movies on Drugs/Script


  • Ecstasy is misspelled as "Ecstacy" in the Rocky scene as Jenkem is misspelled as "Jenkum" in the Predator scene.
  • Laughing Gas is not a real drug.
  • The "Shut Up!" Opening is longer than usual.
  • The color of the meth Batman was holding was blue, which could be a reference to Breaking Bad since the character Walter White produces blue meth.
  • In reality, acid can easily burn skin, which is entirely false in the video.

Shut Up! Opening

I need to get drunk so I can do something completely reprehensible then blame it on being drunk. SHUT UP!



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