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January 24, 2014 (Smosh)
January 26, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, his mom, Anthony, Antoinette random characters

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Movies are awesome, and when put side by side with how the same scenes would play out in real life, reality sucks!



A VHS tape titled "Movies vs. Reality" is pushed into the VCR.

Genre #1

​Stalker Romance


Ian with blond hair tells a girl that he saw her and followed her across the entire state and two oceans just to be with her. The girl asks Ian to kiss her even though she does not know him. Ian dips the girl back and kisses her.


When Ian came in the house, the girl thought he was a molester and sprayed his eyes causing Ian to fall to the ground. The girl stepped hard on Ian (on purpose) causing him pain. Bbbbbbiiiiiittttttttccccchhhhhhhhbitchbitch



Anthony and Ian have an illegal fistfight while other people cheer them on, forming a small circle around them. Ian, who was wearing a steel-link chain around his neck and waist, was about to win the fight, but Anthony knocked Ian down with a good left hook, while saying, "So good at punching".


When Anthony punched Ian, he dislocated some of his fingers and screamed in pain. He yells "Punching suuuuuuucks!".

Genre #3

Action Flick


Anthony kicks the door open and shoots randomly into the house, hitting the ceiling and knocking down a painting.


When Anthony kicked the door, he dislocated his leg and screamed in pain, while thinking kicking sucks.

Genre #4

Sexual Romance


Anthony asks a girl if they can "get it on". The girl says, "Frick yeah," and shoves the table cloth off the table so she can lie down on it and kiss Anthony.


When the girl shoved the table cloth aside, the glasses and plates went crashing to the floor. Anthony got upset and asked why she would ruin his stuff. He then asked, "How would you like it if I ruin your stuff?" After he throws down her handbag onto the table and punches it, he stands on a chair and stomps on the bag.

Genre #5

Slasher Movie


Antoinette tries to run to her car to escape from a scary clown. As she gets in the car and grabs for her keys, she drops them and tries frantically to pick them up before the clown gets her. After she is finally able to grab the keys, she puts the ignition key in the ignition only to find that the engine won't turn over. Antoinette than crosses her fingers, prays, and tries to start the car again. This time she is able to get the car to start. However by that point, the clown had already gotten in the car and was sitting in the passenger seat. As Antoinette turned and saw the clown, the clown began stabbing her with his knife. Antoinette began screaming "Oh, my nipple hair".


When Antoinette got in the car, she put the key in the ignition and it started right up. Before she drove off she exclaimed "That was easy". As she was driving and thinking she was home free, she remembered that she was a woman driver, panicked, and lost control of the car.

Genre #6



A woman in distress calls for help as she is surrounded by Ian and two other people with weapons. Anthony suddenly appears from behind a table, and tries to save her. However, Ian seeing Anthony, told his men to fire at him. Fortunately, Ian and his men have lousy aim and miss him completely. Anthony,who had a gun in his hand the whole time, began to shoot back and killed Ian and his men in three shots. With the bad guys dead the woman comes over to Anthony and asks him if he is ok. Anthony responds "Who cares? Let's just get over to the sex scene". The woman agrees.


When the men fired at Anthony, he actually died from Ian and his men. The woman asked if he was okay; even though there was no response, she thought he was fine.

Genre #7

Defusing a Bomb


Ian tries to decide what wire to cut to deactivate the bomb. He thinks of the yellow and white wires won't do it and decides on the blue wire. Fortunately, the bomb stopped counting down. He even thinks of himself as "the bomb" of defusing explosives after putting on sunglasses. The screen then shows a city (a reference to the intro of CSI:Miami).


Ian found a wire thinking it was a piece of cake. But when he cut it, he found that the wire is for the lamp. He yells like he's already doom; but instead of f**k, he said, "fuuuuuuudge brownies." The screen shows the city again, but then explodes.

Alternate Scene

After Ian said, "Fudge!" he took a bite of the brownie and thought it was really good.

Genre #8 (Deleted Scene)



Ian and Anthony party at their house while playing poker and dance in the living room. Ian and Anthony even thought it was the best night ever.


Ian and Anthony are drunk. They tried dancing, but they pronounce YMCA correctly. They ruined a game of poker by sliding on the table, and move the cards and chips. They tried hanging out with girls, but the girls left them alone. Anthony was even breakdancing on the gambling table. Ian and Anthony were trying to fight one guy, but we're too drunk to do. Ian felt sick and Anthony wanted to go home.


What could have happened

Anthony takes out the VHS tape and asks Ian's mom how she thought of the video which makes Ian ask the same question. Ian's mom said that she thought it was good effort and they should keep up the good work. Anthony cheered quietly from what Ian's mom said.


After Anthony asked Ian's mom's opinion, she took the tape, said that she thought it sucked, throws the tape down, and repeatedly steps on it.

Epilogue (After "Thanks for Subscribing" screen)

Anthony and Ian are crying like 4-year-olds while Ian's Mom keeps stomping on the tape.


Movies Vs Reality/Script



  • This video pokes fun at how movies are never fully accurate with reality as to have life based on them
  • In every reality sequence, the reality gets dumber and dumber. Similar to MIME FAIL when Mr. Mime gets dumber.
  • During the "Punching" scenes, Anthony has blood dripping from his nipples.
  • In the first "Gunshot" scene, a Wilhelm Scream is heard over the shooting.
  • In the "Action Movie" scene, Ian was holding the gun upside down.
  • As revealed in the bloopers, While filming the scene where Antoinette's driving, a house that Anthony and the cameraman drove past caught on fire and caused 2 explosions.
  • As revealed in the bloopers, during the "Punching" scene, Anthony accidentally punched Ian in the nose for real, supposedly breaking it.
  • Running Gag: Anthony doing something (i.e. Kicking) and screaming "[action] sucks!" afterwards.
  • During the "REALITY" cards that proceed the sequences, the announcer (Anthony) keeps mumbling the word "Reality" from Genre #2 on. The mumbling gets worse as the genres progress.
  • In the "College Party" deleted scene, Ian is wearing the "Being Awesome: Mission Accomplished" shirt from Scribblenauts in Real Life.
  • This is the first appearance of Ian's Mom for Season 2014. It appears she has a different hairstyle.
  • The clown that was chasing Antoinette was staying at the same position and didn't seem like he was trying to catch her at all.
    • In the same scene, when Antoinette is running to the car, in the back seat there is a Pikachu plush pillow (from earlier Smosh videos) strapped into a kiddie car seat.
  • The Dubstep Music is Now Extended.
  • This is the third time Ian and Anthony do the high-pitched cry in the epilogue. The first being ADDICTED TO HONEY BOO BOO CHILD and the second being JAPANESE TITANIC.

Shut Up! Opening

I wish you were romantic like all the guys in the movie. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Anthony: Congratulations, you have been selected to win a million dollars and an all-expense paid trip to the Caiman Islands if you click that subscribe button!

Narrator: (covers the screen) Reality, reality. (changes to the different picture)

Anthony: Click the subscribe button to get, nothing except our videos in your subscription feed. An, an, and we'll love you forever.



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