Movie Reboots Suck


April 25, 2014 (Smosh)
April 27, 2014 (El Smosh)

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I-Nerd and A-Nerd, movie characters, Ian, Anthony

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I-Nerd (Ian) and A-Nerd (Anthony) are watching Game of Thrones until the narrator cuts off with a commercial break. I-Nerd then gets excited about a new Superman movie.

Superman (starring Macklemore)

The narrator says that the last Superman reboot sucked even though it made a lot of money and that they're releasing a Superman reboot for the new generation where Macklemore plays Superman. Superman (Anthony) raps about himself and Lois until he sees Kryptonite and falls down. The narrator said that they accidentally spoiled the ending.

I-Nerd hated the fact that Superman was rapping since it wasn't in the comics.

The Really Really Dark Knight

The narrator said that the creators of 12 Years a Slave were bringing them a new take on Batman. The two nerds got really excited, the narrator says Batman (Dwight Taylor) is now black.

I-Nerd started to complain about Batman's new race, but the narrator told him not to because it will make him racist.

Star Wars: Episode VII

The trailer asks the viewers if they want to see more Star Wars, which I-Nerd accepted. The trailer talks about the movie coming in the summer and that it will be brought to them by the creators of Pretty Little Liars, which I-Nerd felt strange about. The film also says that it will feature Brendon Urie (from Panic! at the Disco) as Luke Skywalker. Luke (Anthony) is seen singing in the trailer.

A-Nerd thought it made no sense since Luke never sang in the movies, comics, games, or the fan fictions. I-Nerd changes the channel.

Frozen: The Reboot

The narrator said that Disney ran out of ideas and decided to do a reboot on Frozen which I-Nerd got excited since that was the one with Olaf, "the talking snowman". The narrator also says that this movie will be created by the writer of "the worldwide bestseller", Fifty Shades of Grey. Elsa (Brittni Barger) is seen singing while she's trapped in a dungeon.

I-Nerd doesn't know how to react towards the movie while A-Nerd hopes she gets freaky with the snowman. I-Nerd changes the channel again.

Some Other Reboots

They switch in between the channels where they see announcing trailers involving Spider-Man (Ian) getting bit on the dick, another Transformers movie, a Twister movie involving the game, and Steve Buscemi (Sohinki) as Harry Potter which the two nerds blame Stan Lee. A-Nerd just noticed that Stan Lee wasn't involved in those movies, but they complained that he ruined the Hulk and changed the channel again.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Reboot by Michael Bay

Micheal Bay is rebooting the movie


Anthony Padilla as A-Nerd, Macklemore (as Superman), Brendon Urie (as Luke Skywalker), himself and narrator #2
Ian Hecox as I-Nerd, Spider-Man, criminal, himself and narrator #1
Matt Sohinki as Steve Buscemi (as Harry Potter)
Brittni Barger as Elsa
Dwight Taylor as black Batman

Shut Up! Opening

Does Iron Man have, like, metal pubes? SHUT UP!


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