Motion Gaming Sucks!
Motion Gaming Sucks!
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December 2, 2011 (Smosh)
November 14, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Otto Closet, Hugh Jasshol, Evan Barth, The Secretary

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Motion Gaming Sucks! is a Smosh video uploaded on December 2, 2011. This is the second video of the Gaming Sucks! series and is the sequel to First Person Shooters Suck!

Brief Synopsis: A video game company decides to take advantage of the sudden popularity of motion controlled games and has to come up with ideas of great games that incorporate it.


It was another meeting at a video game company and the chief executive (played by Ian) tells his employees that they're in a crisis. Apparently, the new "Call of Duty rip-off" from the previous video was pulled from shelves because of a lawsuit involving an "airport baby massacre scene." (Though, Otto Closet points out that it was probably because nobody wanted to buy it). Ian warns that if they don't come up with immersive games, they'll be on "s*** creek without a shotgun." Hugh Jasshol points out the correct phrase is "without a paddle." Ian insists on the phrase "without a shotgun" should be used as he pulls out a shotgun and shoots the ceiling, causing the plaster to fall on his head. Ian then says that motion control gaming "is the future" and tells his employees to come up with a motion control game or he'll transfer them to the video games based on movies department. Anthony pleads that he doesn't want to make a game based on Twilight and the Otto's children would disown him (except for his gay son, who likes Taylor Lautner).

Anthony sees Otto reading a magazine called Shirtless Men Monthly and gets an idea, saying that it's a game for women. Anthony's game is about a male stripper, which excites Ian because of the idea. The goal in Anthony's game is to make enough money to "get out of the ghetto and put yourself through beauty college." Ian is at first pleased and asks Anthony how can the player jump. Anthony points out that strippers don't jump. Ian says that motion controls "suck if there's no jumping" and asks for another idea.

Otto comes up with a game which is called, based on the car Anthony was playing with, "Motion Sports Racing Simulator." However, remembering that Ian wanted some jumping, Otto adds jumping. In Otto's game, the player is a race car driver and the player's body lights on fire when they crash, where as they have to stop, drop and roll. The player has to also give CPR to the fellow drivers. However, he realizes that he forgot about the jumping, angering Ian, who says that without jumping, motion controls are pointless. Hugh was about to tell everyone the proper CPR technique, but is silenced. Ian transfers Otto and Hugh to make the Twilight game, but not after Otto falls on his knees and yells, "DAMN YOU, TAYLOR LAUTNER AND YOUR SEXY ABS!"

Ian points his shotgun at Evan Barth, who has an idea. Ian asks if the game has jumping, in which he says that the game is "all about jumping." He describes the game as jumping all over the place. Ian then asks about how the player can jump. But as soon as Evan says that the player has to jump by pressing the A button, he gets killed. Ian then cries that the gaming industry is doomed.

He suddenly hears the voice of the Secretary from under the table. When Ian asks if she has been under there the entire time, she says that she was because Ian told her a week ago to stay there until instructed otherwise. Ian then points the shotgun at her for an idea. The secretary says that the problem is the controls, not the game. She says that they should be simple to remember and easy to perform, not streneous or tiring. The controls should be natural. Ian gets excited and licks the Secretary's face, calling her the "Goddess of gaming."

Two months later, Ian gathers all his employees (including the Secretary, who is still under the table, and the corpse of Evan Barth still on the table) and says that he's finished with his concept of motion control gaming. He says that he condesed everything complex about motion controls into one small device. He unveils the Motiontron 2000, which is just a device that looks like an Xbox 360 controller (it actually is an Xbox 360 controller with the Xbox logo censored off). Ian even starts to jump excitedly with the device, but everyone stares in disbelief. Upset, Ian screams, "F*** YOU GUYS!" as he jumps out of the room with the 8 bit Mario jumping sound playing. A message then shows that "Later that day, he tried jumping over a semi-truck and died... from childhood obesity."

Alternate Ending

As Ian jumps out of the office, several messages show.

  • The Motiontron 2000 went on to sell millions. "Jumpy the Jumping Man" soon became the best selling game in history.
  • "Hugh Jasshol" now develops auto-correct technologies that continue to piss people off.
  • "Otto Closet" divorced his wife and is now happily married to Taylor Lautner.
  • "Anthony" now fights crime with a team of male strippers known as "The Hump Force."
  • "Evan Barth" now fights for Zombie Equality and hopes to run for President in 2016 .
  • "The Boss" continues to develop games from a private island. He is currently developing "Fasty the Fast Running Hedgehog"
  • "The Secretary" was never instructed to come out from under the table. She died of starvation 42 years later.


Motion Gaming Sucks!/Script


  • The cover of Call of Duty 12 from the previous video can be seen in the background.
  • The head executive states that the last game "ripped off" Call of Duty, but in the previous video Call of Duty 12 was published by Antivision, who also published Magic Daddy Rescue Force; therefore, 1) he must be the CEO of Antivision, and 2) he could not have ripped off his own game.
  • The "airport baby massacre scene" Ian mention in the Call of Duty ripoff is probably a reference to the infamous "No Russian" mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • This time, Ian has a Capri Sun Juice Pouch in his mug instead of a soda can
  • This is the 3rd appearance of Hugh Jasshol (famously known as the Troll). The first 2 were If The Internet Was Real and the first episode of the "SUCKS" series: First Person Shooters Suck!
  • Using the Motiontron 2000 would be controlling yourself with a video game controller
  • Some viewers thought that instead of using the controller to "JUMP" which is all the manager wants the game to do, the games would be for a Smosh-Parodied Xbox 360 Kinect
  • In the alternate ending, "Jumpy the Jumping Man" and "Fasty the Fast Running Hedgehog" are obvious references to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog respectively.
  • The shotgun that the Ian used was similar to a Remington 870 shotgun.
  • The "childhood obesity" death was previously used in WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing and... Fooled you! I wasn't going to say anything else. Thanks for subscribing!"

Shut Up! Opening

"*Wii Sports sounds* 15-Love! SHUT UP!"



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