Most Violent Game Ever


February 15, 2013 (Smosh)
February 17, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, therapist, DMV Lady, customers,

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Most Violent Game Ever!? is the seventh episode of Season 2013 of Smosh that was uploaded on February 15, 2013. The video was made to promote Super Head Esploder-X.


When Ian is sent to take therapy lessons for "killing an animal," the therapist notices a violent game Ian is playing, and he attempts to kill Ian and take the video game to stop him from becoming violent.


At the therapist's office, Ian's mom took to him to her bed then to a therapist because he was said to violently murdering an animal. The therapist (Anthony) thought he murdered an animal, but Ian said that he swatted a fly that pooped on his sandwich, but therapist it's as harmful as violently murdering a unicorn. The therapist wants to know what Ian is playing, which is Super Head Esploder-X, a game where the player is able to explode people's heads. Ian is exploding his mom's head in the game for taking him to the therapist. The therapist takes the iPad away from Ian, telling him the violence in video games is the only reason that causes violence in society. When the therapist states that before video games there was no violence, Ian questions him with the American Civil War, but the therapist acts like Ian made it up. Ian took the iPad back and said that he's still gonna play the game and the therapist can't stop him and closes the door, reopening it to say "BITCH!" at the therapist. Believing that the game will make Ian "super violent", the therapist sets out on a mission to kill Ian before he becomes violent, laughing evilly and holding an axe.

At the DMV line, the DMV lady gives another lady a registration and tells her to not not crash until Wednesday. Ian is seen playing the game and when he gets his turn, a guy cuts in front of him. He tries to tell the DMV lady, but she dismisses the case saying "no one likes a tattletale". When the guy asks Ian if he'd do something about it, Ian takes a picture of the guy with his phone, and imports it into his game to be able to explode the guy's head. Now crying, the guy tells the DMV lady that Ian is exploding his head and it hurts his feelings. The therapist was eavesdropping on Ian the entire time, writing that he is still playing the game and has hurt someone's feelings, and thinks that it won't be a long time before Ian hurts more than feelings. He thinks it's "a big dealio", has to study him further, and then strike at him at the right moment. He leaves while laughing evilly.

At the house, Ian heard the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to name their baby #Kimye. Ian didn't like the name so he took a picture of the two celebrities and exploded their heads in the game. The therapist is still eavesdropping on Ian thinking that his violence is still a big deal because he's exploding the heads of celebrities thinking Kim Kardashian and her butt are national treasures and knows that he must kill Ian. Ian heard what the therapist said and thought about it. The therapist noted to himself that he shouldn't say what he's writing out loud. Ian thought that the therapist killing Ian to prevent Ian from being violent will make the therapist violent, but the therapist disagreed and wants the game or he'll kill Ian. Ian decides to give the therapist the iPad even though it wasn't a big deal, but the therapist thinks it was a "huge frickin' dealio". The therapist takes the iPad, throws it to the ground, and chops it with an axe. After the therapist destroyed the iPad, he found Ian playing the game with his iPhone. The therapist wanted the phone, but Ian tells the therapist that he uses the game to get out his anger and frustrations and thinks he should try it. The therapist takes Ian's phone and plays it a little, thinking it's "neat." Ian asks if the therapist enjoyed the game, which he did, but he says he's still gonna murder Ian anyway. Ian doesn't want to be killed, but the therapist kills Ian by swinging his axe, and then gives a thumbs up.

The narrator tells the audience, "Super Head Espolder-X. It's no big dealio, but if you don't download it, you too will become an axe murder. Probably."

Deleted Scene

The therapist shows Ian a book called Why Kids Are Violent to show irrifutable proof to what causes violence which it shows Video Games as the only cause, but Ian knows that the therapist just wrote the words in the book.

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  • This episode was made to promote Smosh's new app, Super Head Esploder-X
    • This is the Second smosh video to promote an app,the first one was "Ian Gets Lucky", which promoted the iShutUp app.
  • The video was announced to have Anthony play an old man when he uploaded a video of him as the therapist dancing to dubstep in his car.
  • Benny Jean's flamingo and Boxman are seen when Ian is playing Super Head Esploder-X, in iTunes' description, they are revealed to be apart of the game
  • While the therapist is playing Super-Head Esploder, you can hear Ian say "SMOSH-TASTIC!" similar to Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph who says "TURBO-TASTIC!"
  • This is the third time the DMV lady appears, the first was REJECTED MARIO GAMES and the second was WORST ID PHOTO EVER!
  • The Therapist's office set is the same one seen in Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song as the British Army's house.
  • In the deleted scene, Ian has his iPad which in the regular video, he doesn't when the therapist explains about violence in video games.
  • The poster and the shirts of Super Head Esploder-X are similiar to the coverart of Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

Shut Up! Opening

Ian: All video games are violent.

Anthony: What about Paperboy?


Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing, but I'm still gonna kill you! Just kidding, I'll just explode your head.



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