Ian is Bored 27
Most Epic Vacation Ever! is a music video within an Ian is Bored video. It was uploaded to the IanH channel on August 2, 2010.


Feet in the sand
Sunglasses on my face
Hat on my head
I'm in Surf City
I'm in Surf City

Watch me play my miniture golf, get it in the hole
Panther's biting my hand, it hurts
Tiki man humpin' just for fun
Feeding dolphins out of my hand cause I can

This tiki man's biting off my head
Even though I'm really bad at it

I am on a pirate ship
I'm going to kill you
I'm in front of the ocean
Now I'm in the ocean

Oh my god, this pizza's amazing!
Why do I suck so much at skee ball?!
Ice cream!

Vacation over!


  • During the video Ian is wearing a t-shirt that has the YouTube play button and the word ER after it. So that it looks like player.
  • The song is available on the Smosh album If Music Were Real.
  • The CANNON PENIS segment was so popular to viewers, an Ian is Bored episode titled Cannon Pen1s! was centered around it, where Ian took the videos and changed the dialogue to include the CANNON PENIS.
    • There is now a CANNON PENIS T-shirt available at because of this same reason.
    • The phrase "cannon penis" is still popular within the Smosh fandom to this day.
  • The video was filmed in New Jersey, most likely where Ian went to visit his now ex-girlfriend Melanie Moat.

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