Monkeys Love Boobs
Monkeys Love Boobs
is the 142nd episode in the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly. After the first parts of the video, Mari announced that she has started a vlogging channel where she plans to post two videos a week.

Featured Articles

  • Youtube's Top 10 Most Viral Videos of 2013
  • 35 Gifs That Made Us Laugh in 2013
  • Best News Bloopers 2013 (contains a video)

Mari's Questions

  1. What was your favorite video from 2013?
  2. Would you rather be forever famous for: Being a meme/ A fail Gif of you/ Starring as the lead twerker in Miley's videos?
  3. If you were recognized on the street for saying the words "I have herpes in my mouth hole" on air as a news caster, would you: quit your job/ Rock the shit out of your news anchor job/ lie & continue kissing people in their mouth holes?


  1. If you had to choose an anime world to live in, what would it be? Ghost in the Shell because she would want to be a cyborg, but wouldn't want anyone hacking into her brain.

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