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January 10, 2014 (Smosh)
January 12, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Molester Moon, Friend, Girl

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If someone sends the Molester Moon emoji to someone else three times, Molester Moon will send him a series of emojis explaining how he will murder him/her.


In the living room, Ian and Anthony hang out with a minority friend sending each other emojis.Then Anthony finds an emoji that looks like a moon with a creepy face. Because of the moon's smile, the minority friend thought that emoji looked like it wanted to screw someone. Ian asked if they were thinking about Molester Moon while a hand with a flashlight appears on his face after saying those last two words which they both do not think so.

Ian tells them that sending the Molester Moon emoji to a friend three times will cause Molester Moon to send a series of emojis which explains on how it'll kill the person. Anthony and the friend started questioning Ian if it happens during three separate texts or if it can happen with one text message with three Molester Moon emojis which he didn't know. They also asked Ian if it can be intersource with other things, but Ian doesn't know and says to not do it. After hearing text messages being received, Anthony told Ian that he sent three messages to the friend with all of them having the emoji of the Molester Moon. Ian asks why Anthony would do that. Anthony responded that he thought it was real. The friends says that he wasn't a minority, but Anthony asks about the subtitles. When the friend realizes the Spanish subtitles under him, a picture of Molester Moon pops up.

Sometime later, the guys are in sleeping bags, the friend got a message from Molester Moon which doesn't make sense since it has emojis of a frying pan, an ear, a donkey, a plus sign, a pizza, and a rooster in one order. Anthony sarcastically complements Ian, but Ian said he didn't text that. The friend wanted to go to bed since being a minority is tiring. Anthony and Ian decided to go to the bathroom before sleeping while leaving the minority alone. The friend starts to sleep, but he is awoke from an opening door and spoke in French with English subtitles. He later screams at the sight of an offscreen attacker and reacts as he is approached.

Sometime later, Ian and Anthony got back from picking up his door while talking about Geoff being pissed when Ian sent him a bucket. However, they saw the minority dead before they start checking his phone. After Anthony read the text message from before, Ian noticed the guy's ass all burnt up and his wiener being chopped up. Anthony finally gets the message saying that it is, "Fry your ass, and slice up cock." Anthony remarks how Molester Moon is clever while Ian is scared because it has been confirmed that it is real. Anthony thought it was awesome which Ian disagreed saying it is the Hitler of awesome, which he said is the opposite of awesome. The same picture of Molester Moon appears again.

In the kitchen, Ian asks Anthony why he's eating a midnight snack. Anthony said because he's hungry and it's a sleepover. Ian started to ask who invited a girl, who has been eating out of a Reddi whipped cream bottle. Anthony said that he thought the movie could have a little more sex appeal making Ian ask about the movie. All of the sudden, the Molester Moon sends a message to the girl saying, "Tub Phone Plug Static Shock". Ian is pissed out even more because Anthony sent Molest Moon pictures to the girl which Anthony didn't want her to feel left out. All of the sudden, the girl screams and gets whip cream on her shirt. The video moves in slow motion while making a sexy appeal with the girl and whip cream. Ian has finally gotten the sex appeal thing and a picture the Moon pops up again.

In the bathroom, the girl from before takes a steamy bath in her clothes to remove the cream, and hopes that there aren't any electrical objects nearby that might electrocute her just like the text message foreshadowed. All of the sudden, she sees someone and screams before she drops her phone into the bathtub, which electrocutes her as the same picture of Molester Moon pops up on the screen.

Sometime later, Ian and Anthony found the girl dead in the bathtub. Ian decides to call the cops, but Anthony threatens to send the Molester Moon emoji to Ian if he does that. Ian thought Anthony doesn't have the guts to do it, but Anthony started sending him three messages of the Molester Moon. Ian, shocked at his own friend, exclaims that Anthony has doomed them all and in retaliation sents emojis right back at Anthony. Anthony replies whatever and walks out of the bathroom without a worry.

In the living room, Ian and Anthony lied down while Anthony reads his message wondering what it means. Ian thinks Watch Objects Runs Tree Thumbs Up, Anthony's message, means that Anthony's going to get run over by a car while Christmas Tree shopping. Anthony disagrees thinking a guy will pick him up, take him to the woods, and stick his thumb up his butt. Molester Moon sends another message saying, "Soon Molester Moon". All of the sudden, the Moon comes in saying that he'll molest Anthony and Ian. They both got scared, stood up, and decided to run from the moon. They ran in the hallway to escape, with the Moon coming towards them.

Outside of the house, Anthony wants to know why they're running, but Ian doesn't know and tells him to look out for random objects because people trip when being chased by it. All of the sudden, Ian trips on the stuff cat having Anthony pay attention and trips on an Easy Step. Ian got up and tells Anthony to get up, then trips again. Anthony got up and tells Ian to watch where he's going, than trips again. They keep on tripping on random objects while the Moon keeps on telling Ian and Anthony that he's going to molest them. They escaped when Ian grabs Anthony away from the objects.

In Ian's bedroom, Ian and Anthony both tripped on something and crawl away from the Moon. The Moon tries to get in, but it's too wide for the door. Even though it can't get in, it still wants to molest them once it gets through the door. A few seconds, it gives up while leaving Ian and Anthony so it can molest someone else. Once the Moon left, Anthony thought this was the best sleepover although Ian is unsatisfied.

The title card shows words that say, "Molester Moon: Night of the Creep Moon". Then after 2 sec., a picture of Molester Moon appears as a bloodcurdling scream plays with the scene.


Molester Moon/Script


  • This videos' plot is a reference to the urban legend where if one person sends their friend the new moon emoji 3 times in a row, the moon will molest the person who the emojis were sent to. (Hence the title of the video)
  • When the video was first uploaded, there was an exclamation point was at the end of the title. It was removed the next day.
  • I'M POSSESSED! seems to be referenced in the beginning, when Ian tells the story about Molester Moon while a third hand holds the flashlight.
  • Anthony trips on an Easy Step when running away from Molester Moon. This previously happened in 2010's FIRETRUCK! music video, during the line "Stub your toe, FIRETRUCK!" and could be a possible refrence to the early smosh episode called "Easy Step".
  • After the Minority Friend was molested by Molester Moon, he was in a "snailing" position, from The Pokemon Master!.
  • People being shocked to death by electrical appliances in water previously happened in Anthony's Death, REJECTED VIDEOS! and My Bobblehead is Evil! but with a toaster. Although, like the last 3 occurrances, dropping a phone in water wouldn't have enough voltage to shock someone to death, the phone would only short out.
  • Jason Michael Fong, who played Minority Friend, also played the President of Pokémon America in New Pokémon Crossovers!, Pooky in Worst Online Date Ever, and the "cock" in BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS.
  • When Anthony sent the Molester Moon emoji to the minority friend, in Minority Friends earlier messages, Anthony said "Man I wish Ian's mom was here." He responded "She's hot dude."
  • Molester Moon appearing at the end of the video is similar to what That Damn Neighbor does.
  • The video's plot is also a reference to the horror film Smiley, about a myth in which if someone puts "I did it for the lulz" three times, the Smiley killer will kill them. This is similar due to the fact that the messenger has to send a specific message 3 times, it includes death to the recipent, and that at least 2 people are killed.
  • In the outdoor scene where Ian and Anthony are tripping, in real life it was only 34 degrees Fahreinheit (1 degree Celsius) outside. The cast almost froze to death.
  • This video's moon symbol has gotten much cult popularity, and has now become an urban legend. As of March 22nd, some people are still posting molester moon emojis as comments to Smosh's twitters and videos, which Anthony and Ian have referenced a few times.
  • Even though the Molester Moon was too wide for the door to Ian's room, he still could've gotten in to molest Anthony and Ian if he had turned sideways to fit through the door.

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

(noises of sending and receiving texts from the iPhone) SHUT UP!

Subscription EndingEdit

And make sure you guys click that subscribe button or I'm gonna send you the Molester Moon three times. (sends a text) I'm serious. (sends another text) Don't make me send the third one. (sends another text)

(the Moon appears again making another bloodcurdling Scream)


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