MOLESTER MOON is a Smosh video released on January 10, 2014. A sequel, originally titled Sexual Sun, was released a year later.


If you send the Molester Moon emoji to someone three times, Molester Moon will send you a series of emojis explaining how he will kill you!


Ian, Anthony, and a friend are sitting on the couches in their living room, all on their phones. Anthony sends Ian an emoji of a firetruck farting, and Ian sends Anthony an emoji of a chick farting on a senior's face. Anthony, scrolling through the list of emojis, comes across one of a purple moon that appears to "want to molest someone". Ian dramatically asks them if they are referring to Molester Moon. Ian explains that, according to legend, if someone sends another person the Molester Moon emoji three times in a row, the recipient of the three emojis will receive another list of emojis from Molester Moon itself, detailing how it will viciously molest and kill its new victim. Anthony and their unnamed friend ask if the three emojis have to be done separately, or all in one text. They press on to ask if the emojis can be mixed with other symbols, Ian raises his voice to state that he does not know, and that they should not do it anyway.

Ian hears the sound of a text being received three times, and asks what it was. Anthony explains that he sent their friend the emoji three times, and Ian, annoyed, why he did that. Anthony explains that he did it because their friend is a minority character, and not a main one, so he is "pretty" expendable. Their friend protests that he is not a minority, but is disproven when Anthony shows that he is subtitled.

That evening, the three are in sleeping bags on the living room floor. The friend receives a list of emojis from Molester Moon: fries, ear, horse, plus sign, pizza slice, up arrow, and chicken. Anthony thinks it to be a prank from Ian, however Ian dramatically states that he did not send their friend anything. Anthony and Ian get up to use the bathroom, leaving their friend there, about to fall asleep. He hears a door crack open, and asks in multiple languages who is there, then something gets closer and closer to him, all the while he is objecting.

Ian and Anthony return from the bathroom, and see their friend dead. Anthony checks their dead friend's phone, and sees the text from Molester Moon. Ian notices their friend's posterior burnt, then roll him over to see their friend's genitalia "chopped up". Anthony understands the meaning behind the texts: "Fry your ass, and slice up cock", commenting on Molester Moon's cleverness with emojis. Ian, however, realizes that Molester Moon is real, much to his dread. Anthony comments that that is "awesome", however Ian objects and describes it as "the Hitler of awesome, which is not very awesome at all".

Some time later, Anthony grabs a snack out of their refrigerator. Ian asks how he could be doing so with the current situation, and Anthony reasons that he is hungry and it is still a sleepover. Ian then asks if he invited a woman, sexually provocatively eating whipped cream. Anthony explains that he thought the movie could use some "sex appeal", leaving Ian confused, asking what movie he is referring to. The girl complains that the "scary moon" had sent her a list of emojis, this time a bathtub, phone, plug, lightning, and a spark. Ian, incredulous, asks Anthony why he sent her the emoji as well, and Anthony, defensive, states that he didn't want the girl to feel left out. The girl screams, redirecting Ian and Anthony's attention towards her, but she is not in danger, but instead was spraying her chest with the whipped cream. Ian and Anthony simply stood there in a trance as the woman sprayed her entire chest and some of her mouth with the whipped cream, leading to Ian admitting that he understood Anthony's want for sex appeal.

Later, the girl, is sitting in the bathtub, still in her clothes, and hopes aloud that there are not any electronic devices near her that might electrocute her just like the text message foreshadowed. The woman screams as something enters the bathroom, causing her to drop her phone in the water, which electrocutes her as the same picture of the Moon appears again.

Ian and Anthony enter the bathroom, and Ian wants to call the police. However, Anthony threatens to send Ian the Molester Moon emoji if he does so. Ian does not believe Anthony will do so because he doesn't the guts to do it, but Anthony proceeds to send Ian the emojis anyway. Ian, shocked, does the same to Anthony, who does not care, mocking Molester Moon while exiting the bathroom.

Anthony and Ian lay down on the floor, going over their new texts from Molester Moon. Anthony's emoji list consists of a Mexican man, car, footprints, tree, and the thumbs-up, which Ian translates as Anthony will be ran over by a car while Christmas tree shopping, however Anthony believes that someone is gonna pick him up, take him to a forest, and stick up his up his buttocks. Anthony then receives another text from Molester Moon, stating that he will be arriving soon. Ian and Anthony stare at each other, surprised and scared, when their garage door breaks open as Molester Moon prances in, yelling in a singsong voice, "I'm gonna molest you!" Ian and Anthony promptly get up and run out of the room, with Molester Moon prancing after them.

Ian and Anthony run to the side of their house, with Molester Moon prancing right behind them. As they are running, Anthony asks where they are running to, however Ian does not know, but warns Anthony to not trip over any objects. As he says this, Ian trips over a stuffed animal in their backyard and Anthony trips over a cinderblock. The two try desperately to escape Molester Moon, however they continuously trip over various objects in their backyard, all the while Molester Moon is prancing in place, watching the two continuing to trip over the objects, taunting that he will molest them. After some time, Ian manages to drag Anthony away from their backyard, and the chase continues.

The two burst into a bedroom in their house and trip and fall. They back up as Molester Moon gets closer, however when Molester Moon reaches the doorway, he cannot fit. As Molester Moon attempts to budge himself through the door frame, Ian and Anthony briefly look at each other in confusion, then stare back at Molester Moon, who gives up and decides to go "molest someone else". Molester Moon exits through the hallway, albeit also with difficulty.

As they go over and try to contemplate what just happened, Anthony remarks that that was the "best sleepover ever", to Ian's confusion.

The title card for Molester Moon: Night of the Creep Moon appears, then a quick jumpscare as the Molester Moon emoji suddenly appears and screams.

Anthony threatens the audience to subscribe to Smosh, or he will send them the Molester Moon emoji. He does so, causing a second Molester Moon emoji to appear and scream.

Production notes


Molester Moon/Script



  • In the El Smosh version, the minority is subtitled in English instead of Spanish.
  • When Anthony sends Ian three Molester Moon emojis, he does so in three separate texts. However, his hand only taps the screen twice, when he should have done so six times (three for each emoji and three for sending each text).
    • Ian does the same, however taps his phone screen four times.


  • This videos' plot is a reference to the urban legend where if one person sends their friend the new moon emoji 3 times in a row, the moon will molest the person who the emojis were sent to. (Hence the title of the video)
  • When the video was first uploaded, there was an exclamation point was at the end of the title. It was removed the next day.
  • The woman apparently knew about Molester Moon, or at least understood what the emoji it sent to her was about, however this does not explain why she went ahead with her bath anyway.


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