Minecraft Enters a Time of Peace
Minecraft Enters a Time of Peace


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Release date

April 14, 2014




Minecraft Enters a Time of Peace

Episode number

2 (technically 7)


Minecraft War Truly Over?


Minecraft Survivor Island

Minecraft Enters a Time of Peace is the second, technically seventh, episode of the Smosh Games series Maricraft. It was uploaded on April 14, 2014.


The war has ended and peace has once again been restored to Mari's Land. In commemoration of the truce, the Smosh Games crew begin construction on a monument of beauty and inspiration. But nature threatens to halt construction.


The thumbnail depicts Mari and Sohinki in a positive attitude in front of Joven's castle. Mari is holding up a peace sign, matching the title of the episode.


Mari welcomes the viewers to another Maricraft episode, joined by Joven and Sohinki, who are no longer "secret players", according to Joven. Sohinki explains that he started playing because "[playing] look[ed] like a lot of fun". Joven begins pelting Sohinki with snowballs, confusing the latter. Mari notices a wooden block from her house that survived both the fire and explosion, and was left in the air. Joven starts giving snowballs to Sohinki, but Sohinki backs away, stating that "it look[ed] wrong". Sohinki attempts to make a stone shovel, confusing the sticks with wooden planks. Mari thanks the viewers that assisted her in becoming better at Minecraft. Mari states that everyone in the Smosh Games crew has played the game, and that only Ian and Anthony were left, but Ian was a "secret player".

Mari wants to build a monument for the end of the war between her and Lasercorn. Before they can, however, they have to go to bed. Mari sees that she does not have a bed, so she and Sohinki go to the canopy of Wes's sky tower, as he has a double bed up there. The canopy is covered in snow, so the two start digging up the snow for more snowballs. Mari places a sign on the roof, reading "Wes. Don't fall asleep. The bad guys will get you." Sohinki puts down a third bed when Joven joins the two on the roof. Mari tries to get Joven to read the sign she placed down, but Joven accidentally knocks her off the roof to her death. Joven, surprised, quickly apologizes and goes to find her, Mari respawns in the large mushroom-filled wooded area. As she is heading back, she notices a creeper following her, so she proceeds into a player-made cave that she does not recognize. The cave does not go far, and the creeper drops down next to her and explodes.

The blast does not kill Mari, much to her relief. Joven is guarding Mari's things and, when asked, denies picking up her diamond sword sword, but Mari is still skeptical. Joven kills two zombies near Mari's things, and Mari warns him that baby zombies are "fast". Sohinki comes over and, with Mari's permission, collects some of her items to return to her later. Sohinki notes that Joven did not steal her diamond sword. Mari eventually makes her way out of the mine and she and Joven make their way to Wes's tower. Sohinki chuckles when he sees Joven covered in arrows, the latter having "[seen] some shit down there". Sohinki places down a sign on the roof next to Mari's sign, reading "<--Lame sign".

Some time later, the three are in the middle of the area, next to the water penis. Mari wants to make a monument to the end of the war, suggesting the Smosh Games logo to base the monument on. Sohinki, who was on a thin stone column, starts mining downward towards the ground. Joven proceeds to mine the stone column upwards, leaving Sohinki trapped on a floating block. Joven and Mari laugh as Sohinki jumps into the water. The trio contemplate on what to do with the water penis, and Mari gets the idea to use it as the joystick in the Smosh Games logo. While they were discussing how to build the logo monument, Joven suggested they use redstone to build the red knob at the top of the fountain joystick. Joven has a few redstone dusts and Sohinki has 45, so Mari instructs the two to make redstone blocks while she builds a base around the water penis. When the base was finished, Mari suggested they build the letters in the logo out of dirt and, to save time and effort, Joven suggested that they simply build "SG" instead of "Smosh Games". While they are working on the letters, Joven notices the sun going down and they head to Wes's tower for the night.

While Joven is making walls of dirt, stating that he will "sculpt" the letters out in the morning, Sohinki requests that Mari not look at his screen as he is heading toward a secret base he mined, though this proves pointless as Mari can see where Sohinki is headed on her screen, but still denies the existence of his base, even after constant badgering from Mari. After dealing with some mobs, the three head up to the roof of Wes's tower for the night, with Mari laughing at the way Joven and Sohinki were positioned in the bed. In the morning, Mari finishes the S in the logo while Joven works on the G. A creeper exploders near Sohinki and Mari, destroying a section of the small lava moat surrounding the tower. Joven has the idea of putting torches on the front of each dirt block in the logo, which Mari is impressed by, meanwhile Sohinki places redstone on the top of the water fountain, replicating the joystick. While messing around and laughing while Mari is putting the finishing touches on the logo, a creeper sneaks up behind her and explodes, killing Mari and destroying parts of the monument. The three decide to repair the damage before any more mobs can ruin it.

Smosh Games Maricraft logo comparison

A side-by-side comparison between the Maricraft peace monument and the actual Smosh Games logo.

The next morning, the three jump off the tower (into the water so as not to take damage) and repair the monument. Mari wants to add fish in the glass tank (the base of the "joystick"), but the idea was rejected by Joven, reminding her of how that was the reason for the water penis's existence. The three admire the monument as a quick side-by-side comparison between the monument and the Smosh Games logo. Joven wonders if the monument is visible from the roof of Wes's tower, and they go to find out. While climbing, Joven sees part of the stairs destroyed and asks who did it, Wes (off-screen) asking the same. Sohinki states that he did it, leaving Joven and Mari inside. Sohinki clears the way for Mari, who jumps over the edge while cursing Sohinki while Joven looks at the monument from the ground.

While Mari is ending the episode, Sohinki follows her and jumps off the roof of the tower, jokingly stating that if he learned anything while playing Minecraft, "it's that there's water", leaving Joen and Mari to their reactions while ending the episode with a quick "See ya next time!" to the audience.


  • This episode was uploaded on the anniversary of their Minecraft Hunger Games Bonus, in which they played the game in honor of their hitting 2,000,000 subscribers.
  • This was the first episode without Lasercorn since his first appearance.
  • It was revealed in this episode that Wes built the sky tower.
    • Wes is also heard in the game after Joven mentions that someone "broke Wes's tower".
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