Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS
Mighty Smoshin Power Rangers
Anthony and Ian unleash their Power Ranger powers.


October 30, 2009 (Smosh)
November 28, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Characters featured

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Brad Padilla, a mean neighbor, Mailman/Pink Ranger

Mighty Smoshin' POWER RANGERS is a Smosh video that was released in 2009. It details Ian and Anthony's antics as the dress up as Power Rangers for Halloween.


The mailman reached Ian's and Anthony's house with two boxes they got for Halloween. They open the boxes to find the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' red ranger suits. The two begin having a debate when they realize that they will be wearing the same Halloween costumes. Then, the mailman asked them if he could be the Pink Ranger (implying that he is gay), but the two friends said, "NO!!" and closed the door. They start trick-or-treating and visit their neighbor's house, but their neighbor only gave them condoms and told them to "Go f**k yourselves!". While going to the other people's houses while talking about the neighbor, they witness Brad wrestling candy away from a kid in a penguin costume. Shocked at Brad's meanness, they yell, "It's MORPHING TIME!!!" and transform into the Power Rangers. They charged towards Brad, but when they punched his stomach, they hurt their own hands. Brad opened his shirt, revealing his metal armor, saying, "Good thing I always wear my medieval body armor, bitches!!" The mailman suddenly shows up and morphs into the Pink Ranger to avenge Ian and Anthony (who are still on the ground in pain from hitting the body armor). Brad taunts the mailman, claiming that "I'm impervious to your fists!". The mailman replies by pulling out a handgun, saying, "Yeah, but what about bullets?" and shoots Brad three times. When Ian and Anthony took off their helmets, Ian checks Brad's pulse and says, "There's only one thing we can do now." The video cuts to Mrs. Hecox's house, where she is looking for Ian. She opens a blanket while looking, and she sees Brad's dead body and freaked out along with a voice calling out, "DEAD GUY SCARING IAN'S MOM!!!"

Mailman's Aftermath

The mailman, while fleeing in his truck, turns and crashes into a car on the exterior shot, possibly killing him.


Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS/Script


  • The mailman is played by the same person who played That Damn Neighbor, Floyd the Pizza Guy in Pizza Zombies! and the reporter in the Food Battle series.
  • This marks Brad Padilla's second appearance in a Smosh video, the first being in "Ian's First Girlfriend".
  • Ian and Anthony are trick-or-treating during the afternoon, even though trick-or-treating starts at nighttime.
  • When Ian and Anthony Morph, Anthony shouts "TYRANNOSAURUS!", and Ian shouts "TYRANNOSAURUS...2?" as referring to the fact that they had the same costume.
  • When Anthony and Ian fall backwards, Brad is holding the pumpkin basket. However, in the next shot, the pumpkin basket automatically vanishes.
  • This video was uploaded a day before Halloween 2009.

Shut Up! Opening

Go go Power Rangers! SHUT UP!



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