Merry Xmas Butts in Yo Face!
Merry Xmas Butts in Yo Face!
 is the 140th episode in the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly.

Featured Articles

  • Mario Kart IRL (Stop Motion Video)
  • The Hobbit: The Best Middle Earth Memes
  • Viral "Christmas Jammies" Video

Mari's Questions

  1. Would you rather have a real life Mario Kart or a real life?
  2. If you could be in any video game, which would it be?
  3. Which is the most adorable: A miniature rapping Gandalf/ R2-D2 in a catsuit/ Iancorn?
  4. Pajamas or Capes?


  1. What's your biggest phobia? She doesn't have any major ones but wishes she had an hilarious irrational fear.

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