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July 4, 2012

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Pubertina, Debs, Mensturaline

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Menstrualine is the final episode of Season 1 of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina. It was uploaded on July 4th, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Pubertina and Debs meet Menstrualine, a girl who just recently started going through puberty. Pubertina uses her experiences to help her get through this tough time.


On the playground, a group of kids are laughing at a girl who has acne all over her face and nubs on her chest. Debs sees this and runs over to Pubertina, who is eating at a table. She tells her that this girl is just like Pubertina, with the acne and "nubbies" - the whole package. Acting heroic, Pubertina stands up on the table and demands Debs to bring her to the girl.

Pubertina and Debs find the girl crying and poking her breasts, which are making a squeaking noise. They walk up to her and introduce themselves, with Pubertina calling herself the "number one girl going through puberty around here." Debs asks the girl what her name is, and after a moment of hesitation, she says, "Menstrualine." Debs asks if the name is French, but the girl says, "Nope, just ugly!" She then starts to cry, and Debs motions for Pubertina to do something. Pubertina offers to help Menstrualine with some coping techniques, and begins singing a song:

Pubertina: 'Oh yeah

I'm so embarassed of my chest, what can I do to cover these breasts?


Menstrualine: I like this boy, he don't like me back, how do I get over Zack?

You get a NEW CRUSH! An unsuspecting NEW CRUSH!

Pubertina and Debs: When you shave your legs, don't close your eyes, side-to-side means bloody thighs

It's hard out there for a tween!

Pubertina: When you leave the room, do a B.O. sniff. When you hug your mom, she'll know the diff.

It's hard out there for a tween!

Random Boy: Just had my first wet dream and I soiled my sheets; didn't think I'd talk about it, but I'm feeling these beats.

Debs and Pubertina: Get out of here! We don't need you!

Menstrualine, who is finally motivated, asks out a boy named Richard, who just walks away. Menstrualine isn't affected and she starts dancing out of confidence. Pubertina and Debs step back to admire their work, and Debs says she could have used someone like Pubertina when she was going through puberty. Pubertina points out that she is only 9 and has not gone through it yet, and Debs sarcastically thanks her for rubbing it in. Suddenly, a breast bud pops up on her chest, and she begins to freak out during the credits.


  • Menstrualine has a very similar appearance to Do's & Don'ts character, Susie.


Shut Up! Opening

Ugly! Ohh...SHUT UP! Cartoons

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