Meat in Your Mouth
Meat In Your Mouth


December 16, 2011

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"Meat in Your Mouth" is a Smosh video, uploaded on December 16, 2011 as the third-to-last video of the year.


A message shows: We were asked to make a music video for Wilshire Farms Little Smokies. When the video was shown, we were immediately fired and they vowed never to work with us again. But we're releasing it anyway because we're a**holes.

Anthony is playing what sounds like Donut Massacre 64 on the Nintendo 64 when he finds out they are out of nachos and asks Ian for other foods. Ian suggests he can "put the meat in Anthony's mouth". In disgust, Anthony asks, "What?!" before Ian starts the song by putting on a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses.


You playing games and need something to chew
You're super hungry so what do I do?
I put that meat in your mouth
I put that meat in your mouth
You know you love it when I put that meat in your mouth

You're out on a date macking on some stew
Your girl's super picky so what do you do?
You put that meat in her mouth
You put that meat in her mouth
First dates are always great when you put that meat in her mouth

Her mom got mad 'cause you were out too late
Said, "Be back by midnight" now she's really irate
Put that meat in her mouth
Put that meat in her mouth
Moms always love getting that meat in their mouths

You're chillin' with the dudes and the game's almost through
The pizza never came so what do you do?
You put that meat in their mouths
You put that meat in their mouths
Dudes love other dudes putting meat in their mouths

When you're home all alone and wanna try something new
You look down at your meat, what do you do?
You put that meat in your mouth
You put that meat in your mouth
You know you love it when I put that meat in my mouth
OH, YEAH. I love that meat.


At the last verse, the video freezes and warps out, and a message then shows: The rest of the video was damaged when Wilshire Farms threw the video out the window.


  • This song is available on the Smosh album, If Music Were Real.
  • This video was obviously made to promote Wilshire Farms Little Smokies, despite the fact that Wilshire Farms Little Smokies are a parody of Hilshire Farm Lit`l Smokies.
  • This song was available on iTunes before the video was even released, just like Cute Furry Kittens.
  • Peter from OUR VIDEO IDEAS STOLEN! is seen in the sports game scene. Peter's actor, Curis Lepore, was then a recurring Smosh extra.
  • When Anthony is playing on the Nintendo 64, a song is playing that would eventually turn into the SmoshGames theme song. This was widely noticed by viewers of the video as seen in the amount of YouTube comments concerning it.
  • The pair of Wayfarers Ian wears throughout the video is very reminiscent to the sunglasses worn in the music video for Far East Movement's "Like A G6", complete with the circle of light visible in the lenses.
  • This video could be inspired by the South Park song "Chocolate Salty Balls", as both are songs about food while containing a large amount of sexual innuendos.
  • "Meat in Your Mouth", is basically urban slang for oral sex, so this is another reason for why Wilshire Farms did not want to release the song or work with Smosh ever again.

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